Atelier Solaris ~The Alchemist of the Sunken Tower~

Reagents constitute one of the three pillars of Ritual Magic, relied upon by Ritualists of the Sunken Tower to power their arcane workings. And because the quality of the components used in each casting determines the end result, Ritualists are constantly on the search for new and untried components that may yet prove to be the key to achieving breakthroughs in their craft. Whether acquired from external sources or synthesized internally through Alchemical means, such fresh new components can be had from the Hall of Alchemy and Acquisitions, where the prominent Alchemist of the Sunken Tower can be seen supervising and participating in its daily activities.

Enter Solaris Summerscent, our protagonist. A young woman in her twenties with attractive looks that makes her look out of place amongst the typically wizened, gnarly mages of the Tower, she nevertheless demonstrates a significant level of skill in the market, in the apothecary's art, and in Alchemy alike; skills normally attributable to crones many decades her age. Statuesque with sun-kissed skin, amber eyes and a crown of dark curls that go down to her waist, Solaris sports a figure-hugging yellow dress that accentuate her curves, and wields a wooden staff that bears what appears to be a transmuted sculpture of a sunflower in full bloom.

Bodacious, vivacious and quite unconventional, Solaris can be found elbow-deep in the horse-trading favoured by the merchants and pedlars that throng the Hall, when she is not ensconced in her private workshop (colloquially known as the "Atelier Solaris"), conducting Alchemical transmutations and experiments with as much likelihood of stunning success as hilariously explosive failures. It is said that the Summerscent hails from a long lineage of Alchemists prominent in the history of the Tower, that there is Elven blood in her veins, that she is much older than she looks even if she doesn't act it... no one really knows where she came from or what her long-term plans are, and those are questions Solaris Summerscent generally deflects or simply never hears.

Assume not though, not even for a moment, that the Alchemist of the Sunken Tower is one to be trifled with. Would-be ill-wishers aplenty have made that mistake to their lasting sorrow, at least the ones lucky enough to make it back alive, if not necessarily whole. Darker rumours of her whisper that the Alchemist's work occasionally resembles that of sausage-makers and law-makers; best not witnessed firsthand, lest stomachs are turned.

And that's not even mentioning her constant companion and bodyguard, who goes by the name "Cecilia Nigredo". She does her job of protecting Solaris Summerscent well enough, one supposes, but there's just something not right about her. It doesn't help that, on the rare occasion she speaks, that she refers to Solaris as 'Mother'... how exactly could she be related to the Alchemist of the Sunken Tower?

Territory: Hall of Alchemy & Acquisitions, Seat of Ritual Magic

Spoiler: VIPs
Solaris Summerscent
Level 3 Alchemist

Solaris Summerscent is more skilled in Alchemy than many within the Sunken Tower, and most people know it. She knows Alchemical secrets most Ritualists do not, and it is she you want to ask if you really must know. Thankfully, she is nowhere near as capricious and quick to anger as most powerful Mages of her level tend to be, although her propensity towards ambiguity and distraction might get on your nerves instead.

Cecilia Nigredo
Level 2 Bodyguard (Homonculus?)

Even more statuesque than Solaris herself, Cecilia Nigredo cuts a stoic, silent figure as the Alchemist's personal bodyguard, a lady knight pale of skin and hair, and dark of armor and eyes. Cecilia has proven skilful in preventing any harm from befalling Solaris (whether from direct assault, the subtle knife, or even her own carelessness on all too many an occasion), but her taciturn bearing has a tendency to cause unease in anyone attempting to interact with her, for no apparent reason. Her origins are utterly unknown, but there are rumors that there is a link between her and Solaris Summerscent's stint in the Life Vats as a newly-minted Ritualist, many years ago...

Level 1 Ambassador

One of three apprentices that Solaris hand-picked from the Hall of Acolytes years ago, Nicholas' talents proved to lie in his natural charisma, and his skill at influencing public perceptions of himself and those around him. When the Alchemist is busy with other matters (as she so often is), Nicholas can typically be seen standing in as a representative on her behalf, and otherwise contributing to maintaining Solaris' generally positive perceptions amongst others.

Level 1 Alchemist

One of three apprentices that Solaris hand-picked from the Hall of Acolytes years ago, Theo is probably the one out of the trio to possess the most natural talent at Alchemy itself. Theo is most often trusted with overseeing the Alchemist's side projects when she is preoccupied with other matters, whenever he is not learning or being tested alongside his fellow peers.

Level 1 Diviner

One of three apprentices that Solaris hand-picked from the Hall of Acolytes years ago, Isaac's inclinations in Ritual Magic have tended towards finding hidden meanings in esoteric texts, and the prophecies of near-future events. One would imagine him better suited to the Tower of Astrology, which may or may not be an indication of the Alchemist's future plans for him...

Spoiler: Stats
Destruction: 1

Manipulation: 4

Creation: 4

Research: 4

Politics: 3

Discipline: 2

I will claim the colour Yellow for Atelier Solaris.