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    @Hawk: I'm not sure. I'll go with what cav goes with
    And Profile
    Monesco of Romaine

    Age: Saiyan Equivalent of 10
    Gender: Male
    Height: 4.7 feet
    Weight: 80 lbs
    Species: Saiyan
    Station: Heir of a dead tribe, Body Guard for Diamond

    Monesco has the frame of a physical active Ten Year old from a race of warrior peoples. A great deal of exposure to sunlight gives him a healthy tan, and his black hair ha the characteristic saiyan wildness-in this case three spiked bangs partially obscuring one of his eyes. Like most saiyans, oddly, his tail fur, rather than brown, is the same black as his hair.

    When relaxed, Monesco is playful and somewhat mischievous, but is rather serious when on guard. Tribe Romaine, while somewhat primitive, has a simple but strict code of honor relating to combat and debts that, as the Warlord's son, Monesco had drilled into his head from the moment he could think.

    Monesco was the son of the Warlord of Tribe Romaine. Unfortunately, a small war between tribe romaine and a few other tribes resulted in tribe romaine being killed to a man-as far as he knows, Monesco is the last of his tribe, and his survival is solely because, as the heir, he was forced to stay out so the tribe could be restarted in the event of total failure.

    He spent a few weeks living on his own-Saiyan children being highly independent, after all... Then he got trapped in a rock slide and almost died. Then Diamond, Aspa, and Starlight dug him out, and having seen Diamond first, credits the other boy with his rescue. By the honor code of Tribe Romaine, Monesco must accompany Diamond until such a time as he has saved the other boy's life

    Story So Far:
    Got found in a pile of rocks


    Original Power Level: 500
    Current Power Level: 550
    Zenkai: As a Saiyan, Monesco gains a sizable increase in power from "near death" injuries, in 10, 20, and 50% values, depending on severity, with savage beatings and the like granting small bosts, extremly severe injuries granting larger boosts, and literal "almost died" injuries granting the largest boost.
    Ozaru: As a saiyan with a tail, Monesco turns into a gaint ape upon absorbing blutzwaves. He has little control of himself and has dificulty remembering his actions after the fact.
    Hand to hand Combat: Monesco has moderate proficiency in a somewhat savage style of barehanded melee combat.
    Energy Use-Monesco can fly and fire Energy Blasts
    • Mouth Energy Wave: Monesco can fire a moderatly powerful Energy Wave fromhis mouth. This is ascaled down version of the variant used by Ozaru

    Tail weakness: Saiyan Tails are very sensitive-gripping Monesco's will cause him extreme pain and incapacitate him.

    Other information:


    Monesco is derived from Romanesco. Romaine as in Romaine lettuce.
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