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    just to get this out of the way:

    Vati Mortis

    Gender: Male,
    Height: 6ft tall
    Weight: 150pds
    Species: Tuffle, Former Half Lifer
    Station: Head of Tuffle Public Relations


    He has a pink mohawk, anti-Blutz waves shades and a maniacal grin. He wears a black trench coat under which he wears magician’s clothing. He is tall and lanky.

    His Serious Business wear, he has black hair, no mohawk, a serious business suit, a name tag and acts completely mild-mannered and businesslike.

    His Great Tuffleman Costume is much like the Great Saiyaman one, oddly enough, just more fabulous and pinker.


    After his defeat during the Burnout Riot, Vati is no longer hardline anti-authoritarian and crazy, but he still champions freedom and individuality. He still has volatile big emotions, being hammy and stylish as ever and he is still determined to live life to the fullest no matter what, and feels guilty that he had been so impulsive as to endanger everyone with his actions. Now he wants to work with people to make a new society free from the Arcosian Empire and to reform the Burnouts so that they are less dangerous and out of control.


    To put it briefly:
    -Was so good an actor he was deemed worthy of entertaining the royal family itself at a very young age.
    -Soon became friends with Callins
    -As years wore on he encouraged Callins to confess his love to Aspa, even as he argued with Kor and Aspa about controversial political matters involving The Cure and the Half-Lifers, as his perspective came from being an average Tuffle who rose to greatness through his own hard work
    -When Callins left he fell into depression and left to live out the rest of his days among the Burnouts, his anti-authoritarian stance getting more extreme as years gone by

    Story So Far:

    Burnout Saga:
    He was the leader of the Burnout Riot, and accidentally hurt Callins. He wanted to martyr himself or become powerful enough to take on Hailing, so he concocted one desperate plan to cause as much of an impact upon the galaxy as possible, but only ended up getting all his friends hurt and then redeemed himself by using the ritual to defeat Selraika, who had lied to him about the Cure's effects.


    Base PL: 1000
    Great Tuffleman Suit PL: 20,000.

    His words inspire and beguile, they make people want to follow him and do what he says, and he is really good at making speeches

    Speech Protection Field:
    Its a little device on his belt that uses his ki to automatically create a force-field to shield himself from attacks while he is making a speech or singing. Doesn’t work any time else.

    Double After-Image:
    Can dodge so fast even his after images leave images that deceive others, and thus need three attacks to actually hit him.

    Spinning Disco Style:
    His fighting style is based on disco dancing, with lots of kicks and arms sweeps, grace and style.

    Dance-Dance Obliteration:
    Forms a temporary dance floor out of ki, then as he dances, certain tiles light up and blast squarish beams upwards at the enemy continuously, with the tiles randomly changing

    Disco Death Star:
    His ultimate move, he can form a temporary giant disco ball in the sky, then use it to fire a powerful beam of destruction down upon the foe

    Before Images:
    He can move in such a way that before images of actions he MIGHT take suddenly appear and “attack” a foe as a distraction while he makes his real move.

    Tuffle PAWNCH:
    A captain Falcon style punch. Hits really hard even if its kind of slow

    Tuffle Kick:
    A dashing kick that sends him charging forward. Can use to make DYNAMIC ENTRIES.

    Super-Spin Kick:
    He spins around and kicks everything around him in a fabulous manner.

    Other information:

    Numerous Burnout/Blazebright Fans:
    He still has many loyal to him and many resources he can call upon

    He is famous baby! People know him, and he can exploit that.
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