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    Right then, got recruited via IRC, assuming I didn't screw anything up, my guy should be ready to go.

    Spoiler: Swoop Falcon
    Swoop Falcon
    Theme: Former racer turned Hunter
    Special weapon: Aero Dynamo
    Level: 1

    Spoiler: Appearance

    A sleek blend of falcon and feline, designed to evoke the gryphons of old. Roughly man-sized, and rather conservatively colored compared to older photos, with a dark grey head fading into a camo pattern along his body. Contrasting this show of military sensibility is a pair of candy red racing stripes.

    Spoiler: Background
    Like many racing reploids, Swoop Falcon was designed and funded with the idea of catching the eye of governments or the Hunters to land a production contract. It was a constant cycle of new faces hoping to be the one to make it big, with most fading into quiet obscurity. Swoop was looking to be one of the lucky few to rise to stardom when a maverick attack ended his career and gave him a calling.

    One moment Swoop had been pulling ahead into second place, the next everything was chaos and his crew chief was yelling in his ear to get out of the sky. On his way down, he noticed a cluster of humans trapped by a lanceteamer, and a snap decision saw him change direction. The lanceteamer saw as well, and switched its focus, but the handful of plasma shots it managed to fire before the impact slid off target when they reached the Aero Dynamo field. The collision itself was a haze of pain and general sensory overload, and the next thing Swoop could see clearly was the faces of the civilians he had saved over the mangled heap that used to be the back half of his body.

    In the aftermath of the attack, Swoop's helmet cam footage somehow made it onto the internet. And quickly went viral. Swoop himself was stuck on a repair table, fixed enough to be stable and generally functional, watching a news feed while waiting to see if his sponsors were willing to pay for a full rebuild. As his dive was played out across the screen in front of him, across countless screens around the globe, a decision was made. Halfway through the slow-motion replay, the call finished connecting.

    "This is Swoop Falcon. I want to join the Hunters."

    HITPOINTS: 27/32
    INITIATIVE Bonus: 4d6+1
    MOVEMENT Speed: 60ft

    Spoiler: VOCATION: Force Recon

    Skill bonus: +1 Athletics
    Rank 1 Active Ability: Cloaking
    Can go invisible for up to 15 seconds/level, +2 to stealth while stationary, +1 to stealth while mobile. Automatically deactivates on KO or EMP.

    Rank 4 Passive Ability:

    Rank 7 Active Ability:

    Rank 10 Passive Ability:

    APTITUDES (have 11 points to distribute among them, maximum aptitude points is 5)
    • VIGOR: 4
    • INTELLECT: 2
    • FINESSE: 4

    SKILLS (four skill points at level 1, gain additional skill point at rank up. Skill rank cannot be higher than your current level unless boosted by vocation.)
    Spoiler: VIGOR related

    • ATHLETICS: 1 (vocation)
    • REFLEX: 1

    Spoiler: INTELLECT related

    • FIRST AID:

    Spoiler: FINESSE related

    • STEALTH:
    • EVASION: 1

    Spoiler: Technology related


    Spoiler: Standard equipment

    Mag boots: you can grip and jump up walls, though you slide down as well. Comes standard

    Rapid Acceleration System (tier 1): alternative to EAS. Non-exhaust-burst acceleration system that overcharges leg fiber structure and permits long bursts of considerable speed and acceleration. Base land speed becomes 60 feet in light armor, but it takes up EAS space so it becomes your normal speed, and medium armor reduces it by 10 feet, Heavy armor reduces speed by 20 feet.

    Variable Weapon System: Contains weapon systems for the DNA of mavericks you kill. Depending on the quality mav and the weapon strength, can get a lot of shots or only a few. Can be upgraded to VWES 4. VWES does not recharge like main weapons.

    Live feed heads up display
    Communication device: Range 1/2 mile between allies, can reach Intelligence Division
    Scanning device: ID enemies and gear. Basic information at 50 feet, specifics at 10.

    Emergency Repair System: You have an inbuilt repair system that can heal 5 HP twice in a mission without external assistance.

    Spoiler: Body

    Armor type: Light
    DR: 0
    Shields: No (they come later)

    • Energy Shotgun (45ft/15ft cone 2d4 to nearest target, 1d6 to others)
    • Aero Dynamo: 30 shots, regenerate 1 shot every 3 rounds, sustainable, melee. Forward facing forcefield emitters on your frame add +2 dice to evasion against shots coming from your front, also adding 2 DR against attacks that pierce through the forcefield. When you use it as a dash attack, you can constantly keep dashing by overtaxing your speed system, gaining a swooping attack that can multiply your current speed by x3. Impact with an enemy (or really, anything) causes you to deal 2d6+2 damage on impact, in addition to anything else that you may use. However, from the back, you have a weaker forcefield, one that only adds one dice against weapon attacks, and only one additional DR to shots that may make it through.
    • Swooping Reflector: 20 shots, regenerate 1 shot every 3 rounds. You launch a small, marble sized object from your tail that creates an illusion of yourself (and anything in your hands) behind you, granting one extra dice to dodge checks to you. This device also generates a light forcefield that bounces plasma and other energy weapons back at the enemy, letting you roll their dice -1 to strike an enemy, dealing the damage they rolled to them if the reflected attack hits, or can do 1d6 damage if you aim it to connect with them. You can drop one while maintaining your Aero Dynamo as well. This afterimage moves at 40 feet per action, but cannot have it's flight pattern altered from where it was going, and lasts for 3 rounds.
    • Alloy Claws: melee, 1d10
    • Alloy Beak: melee, 1d10
    • Razor Wings: melee, 1d10

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    Swoop Falcon
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