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    Spoiler: Dr. Vocusta Masaki (surname Masaki, given name Vocusta)
    Dr. Vocusta Masaki (family name Masaki, given name Vocusta)
    Age: 37, though she appears to be in her 20s thanks to ~advances in technology~
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: Slightly underweight.

    Faction: Zeal Technologies
    Rank/Station: Fairly prestigious research director.

    Description: Vocusta (yes, she did choose that name herself, thank you) is a somewhat lanky woman; she has some Japanese blood in her, and a Japanese surname, but she's clearly more Caucasian (possibly Irish and/or Nordic, given the fiery red hair and cold green eyes, as well as the paleness and freckles). Her hair's about jaw-length and is arranged to partly hide her right eye, which is a prosthesis. Though these days scars can be easily reduced if not eliminated, she wears a lot of scarring. If she were to bare her arms, one might see the edges of roiling tattoos. Get her fully undressed (ha!) and you'd see they're a tableau of metallic Eastern dragons and thorny vines bearing unearthly flowers and fruit---that's Yakuza stuff, probably applied the traditional way (with all those needles and all the hurting... ugh!). Some of her scars seem to predate the back tats, but others are obviously from afterward.
    Vo's not a bad looker if you don't mind extensive scarring---uh, and the stammering and twitching, both due to neuromotor damage that could only be partly fixed. While her mental faculties are untouched, voicing her thoughts can som---can sometimes b-be, uh, can, uh, can---c'som's'b'pr'hard. Her movements are also sometimes jerky and twitchy, though she walks about fine. She's never really fully still.
    Vo dresses about a layer warmer than most others; another part of her neurological damage is that she chills easily. Usually she wears plaid flannel shirts and jeans, as well as her labcoat (heavyweight, floral lined, knee length, inside pockets, Mandarin collar)---even when not on the job sometimes, because she likes cultivating her image. There's also a set of arglasses in a classic dork frame.

    Personality: Vo outwardly wears the labels of "mad scientist" and "that poor woman---nerve damage, you know, very nasty---just pretend the twitching's not happening" and "eccentric". People think her brilliant but cracked, or perhaps pitifully charming in her awkwardness. She flirts clumsily and trashily on damn-near every magical girl she knows is of age, has dorky tastes, and generally appears harmless if you can put up with her taste in some century-old guy called Bowie something and her excruciatingly clunky come-ons.
    Thing is, the reason she was so good at her old job---and the reason the Yakuza decided to, uh, let her go---is that she wields a terrifically powerful engine of sheer crazy. Her mannerisms are carefully constructed to disarm and distract, obscuring her unhinged brilliance into a pitiable caricature---oh, she does actually like David Bowie, but it doesn't stop her from being not a very nice person.

    History: Vo grew up on the worse side of the tracks, and was always a bit crooked. She was running errands for the Yakuza in high school, doing drug work for them in college---her scientific aptitude was applied quite well, if not nicely. Unfortunately, it seems the Yakuza tried to get rid of her by overdosing her on a drug called Zenith.
    Doctors managed to reverse most of the damage, but the nerve wounding left her with a speech impediment and twitches. Zeal Technologies wanted her brilliance, but not the scandal; they helped cover her past up, and she changed her name. Giving herself a new given name and reverting to her late mother's maiden surname, she made a name for herself at ZT---both for being a damn good researcher and tech, and for her eccentricities and the shameless flirting with magical girls that eventually became accepted as a sort of cosmic background noise to her particular universe. She credits a lot of what she currently has to Nadica Novak.

    Enhancements: Besides the basics, she has high-level intellect-boosters and thought-streamliners, as well as implants that keep her nerve damage to the manageable level it is now.

    Theme: Myxomatosis - Radiohead

    Look alright so far?
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