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    Just because he didn't get anything in the last thread:

    Cloak of Civilizations (Illven)
    Major Artifact

    Long ago, a powerful Cleric lead his people to prosperity by channeling their collective willpower into his divine casting. As his power and fame grew, more people pledged themselves to his banner and he grew stronger yet. At the height of his people's power, the gods acknowledged his skill and raised him to demigod status. When he left the world, he left behind the cloak which displayed his family crest.

    The Cloak of Civilizations appears, at first, to be a Cloak of Charisma +6. However, if the wearer has the Leadership feat (or anything else that provides a cohort) the true power of the Cloak manifests. The cloak provides a +1 sacred (if good) or profane (if evil) bonus to all attributes for every 3 levels your cohort has (rounded down). Additionally, you can prepare and cast spells as a Cleric with with a level equal to 1/10th the number of followers you have (rounded down).

    The cloak, though powerful, comes at a price. You must always act with the best interests of the people who follow you, no matter what those best interests may be (ex. fending off paladins due to your followers evil natures). If at any point you deliberately act against the interests of your people, you permanently lose access to the additional features of the cloak but still retain the +6 enhancement bonus to Charisma.

    The Cloak of Civilizations can only be destroyed by convincing the followers of the wearer to turn on their leader for the explicit purpose of destroying the cloak. It cannot be damaged or otherwise harmed short of direct intervention by a deity, but will reform around a new leader in such a case.
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