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Thread: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Artifacts

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    Now one for Draconium!

    Amulet of the Dragon King

    Major Artifact

    Long ago, in a land where chromatic dragons ruled, there was a man who stood tall and opposed the dragons. He not only proved himself to the dragons, he proved himself to be better than his draconic overlords.

    The man slew the heads of each clan of dragon, after which he would pluck a single scale from their body and polish it into a sleek disc. Each of these discs were inlaid into his amulet, granting him greater power with each disc he obtained.

    When he finally obtained them all, he was crowned the king of his country and all the remaining dragons were subservient to him until his death. Upon his death, the discs were spread to the wind and his amulet was buried with him. But some say that the amulet went missing some time ago...

    Strong necromancy, transmutation, and abjuration; CL 20th.

    Scale Benefits
    Color Benefit
    • Magical Charisma Bonus +10
    • Swim Speed 60ft
    • Darkness 3/day (Sp)
    • Magical Intelligence Bonus +12
    • Draconic Wings, fly speed 200ft (Clumsy)
    • Mirage Arcana 1/day (Sp)
    • Magical Wisdom Bonus +12
    • Frightful Presence (DC 35) (Ex)
    • Dominate Person 3/day (Sp)
    • Magical Strength Bonus +34
    • DR 20/Magic (Ex)
    • Discern Location 3/day (Sp)
    • Magical Constitution Bonus +16
    • +35 Natural AC
    • Control Weather 1/day (Sp)
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