Heaven's Wrath and the Fell Tome, two artifacts of extreme Good and Evil. There is only a single known method of destroying either - should they ever come into direct physical contact, the concentrated energies would negate each other, instantly destroying both artifacts. However, this is no simple task to accomplish, for the two artifacts repel each other.

Should the two artifacts ever come within a mile of each other, they instantly begin to repel. Should one or both not be wielded, they will simply move away from the other, through any means necessary (how exactly this occurs is up to the DM). Should both be wielded, any attempts to bring them within a mile of each other incurs a DC 5 Str check to move them. This becomes a DC 10 if within half a mile, 15 if within 100 feet, 20 if within 50 feet, and 25 if within 10 feet. Failing even a single check means the artifact will launch out of the possession of the one who failed the check, instantly breaking the bond and causing the artifact to end up 1d10 miles away.

Attempting to bring both artifacts in contact together requires a DC 30 Str check for both wielders. Upon coming into contact, the energies of both artifacts instantly negate each other, destroying both artifacts utterly. Unfortunately, the backlash is, if anything, more destructive. The lives of both wielders are claimed in the destruction, their bodies utterly destroyed as if through a Sphere of Annihilation. In addition, everything within a 1-mile radius of the contact point in all directions is utterly destroyed in the same way. However, living creatures (besides the wielders), along with Constructs, Undead, and attended magic items, may attempt a Will save to survive. If they succeed, they are instead transported to a random location in a randomly-determined plane. Anyone outside the radius of the destruction sees everything within the radius simply vanish, instantly.