Astral Lyre (illyahr)

"As the wielder holds this simple, yet beautiful, lyre, they feel the knowledge of all wash over them, strengthening their resolve and instilling a deep sense of calm in their hearts."

At first, there was nothing. The cosmos hung, suspended by in the aether, swirling in a beautiful and chaotic motion, truly capturing what even the most genius of composers would try and fail to create, as perfect as they were unimaginable. Then, Zaydos took form from the chaos and shaped the universe into his creation, all spinning with the rhythm of clockwork. It was beautiful in its own way, too, but it lacked the primal beauty of what laid before. And then he, the great creator, took notice of a small pocket in the perfection of his creation. He watched, as the last remnants of the dust from before him swirled together, coalescing and singing out in many voices, rich and clear, low and high, harmony and melody, and he was entranced. By the time the dust had cleared, what lay before him was a lyre, simple, elegant, and utterly beautiful. He knew it was not of his creation, but he could not bring himself to destroy or contain it, as it carried the last seeds of the time before him inside it, a monument to the first dance.

And so the lyre drifted, echoing its sweetly melancholy melody throughout all of space and time, through all planes and all worlds and everything in between, it's sweet notes landing on the ears of the truly gifted, renowned composers and artists, driving them to recreate what they heard and saw like no muse before, but failing each time, as no mortal or immortal mind could comprehend what those notes represented.

The Astral Lyre acts as a normal masterwork lyre of no special distinction until a creative mind it deems worthy of spreading the beauty of the chaotic dance held inside it, whereupon it completely transforms both the user and the lyre. The lyre shines with a brilliant light, blazing with all colors known and unknown to life, the most beautiful melodies and sounds echoing from it's strings at the merest touch. The user, as long as they hold the lyre, give off an overwhelming chaotic aura and gain a +16 sacred bonus to Charisma, perform checks and knowledge checks. In addition, thrice per year, they may cast Wish as a Spell-like ability. They gain spell resistance equal to 15 + their hit dice, their charisma bonus as a sacred bonus to all saves and a retroactive bonus to HP per hit dice, and all enemies must beat a will save of 20 + the User's hit dice + their charisma bonus to attack the user of the Astral lyre or be fascinated by the melody echoing from the instrument. No creature is immune to this will save nor the fascinate effect associated with failure of said will save. The user may also fly at a speed of 60' with perfect maneuverability, gains True Seeing as a constant ability, and can automatically sense the auras of all other creatures within a 2000' radius at their choosing. The lyre may only be taken by free will, and furthermore by those it deems worthy. If it's user ever becomes unworthy, they are afflicted with Insanity as per the spell, with no save, lose all benefits of the Astral Lyre, and die in 1d6 weeks, and may not be resurrected in any way.