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Thread: [3.5/PF] GitP Regulars as Artifacts

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    Heart of the Universe (Zaydos)

    "Warmth flows from the perfectly round sphere sitting at the top of a polished staff, bathing all in the light of the cosmos."

    At first, there was nothing. The cosmos hung, suspended by in the aether, swirling in a beautiful and chaotic motion, truly capturing what even the most genius of composers would try and fail to create, as perfect as they were unimaginable. Then, the creator Zaydos took form from the chaos and shaped the universe into his creation, all spinning with the rhythm of clockwork. At the center of the wheel, a gem was formed, perfectly round and glowing with the light of the universe. Zaydos looked upon this gem with wonder, for it was the epitome of their vision, warm and welcoming to life, a perfect gem that could not be rivaled by any mortal means. And so he took it and with it, he crowned his staff, and for the first time in their existence, Zaydos was truly connected with the Universe. He felt all, and knew all, and understood his role as the creator. But the gem's splendor did not end there. From its depths, there sprung a multitude of roars, and Zaydos felt a new life emerge from the gem, the lives of all the dragons to exist. The first dragons sprung forth, in the image of their maker, as proud and noble as they were primal and dangerous.

    And so Zaydos knew his work was complete, and he left his staff with the first of the dragons, Nidhogg, and went to roam where only the oldest of gods know. Nidhogg carried this staff with pride for years, blessed and thankful that his creator would burden him with such a responsibility. Where he went, the staff followed, blessing the myriad of planets with beautiful warmth and life, for centuries and millennia to come. But even as Nidhogg was chained, the staff continued, blessed with the life and soul instilled into it by all beings.

    The Heart of the Universe appears as a staff, about six and a half feet in length, crowned with a beautiful glowing gem and carved from an unknown wood. When the wielder grasps the staff, they are blessed with the warmth of the cosmos and the knowledge of all life. All of the wielder's stats gain a sacred bonus of +8, and any knowledge check with a DC below 50 made by the wielder while holding the staff automatically succeeds. In addition, the staff contains an unlimited number of charges, and may cast any spell the wielder desires, so long as the spell in question does not harm the life of any being. In addition, the wielder may fly through the will of the cosmos, gaining a supernatural flight speed of 120' (perfect), and gains a constant true seeing effect. It is impossible to contain the Heart of the Universe, and any attempt to chain it or otherwise prevent it from leaving the wielder of its own volition results in the attempt automatically failing, and the staff disappearing from the user's possession. In addition, once per year, the wielder may ask the creator Zaydos themself through the staff any three questions that are automatically answered, so long as the question's answer would not result in the harming of any being.

    EDIT: Looking back, I think this is the most overpowered and underpowered artifact that will come of this thread, unless someone decides to remove the restrictions on this staff.
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