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Golem Sphere
Major Artifact

The origin of this strange mechanical artifact is largely unknown. Some say that it was crafted by the ancient deity known as Dredhi for some unknown purpose. Others say it hails from the clockwork kingdom of Mechanus, crafted as part of the first Inevitables. Still others say that it was a mortal creation, born from the dreams of a mad Artificer. Whatever the origin, there is no denying the power of this device.

The Golem Sphere is a bronze mechanical sphere about three feet in diameter. Its surface is covered with crevices and ridges, shaped together in an intricate design. To one uninitiated in its use, the sphere is little more than a fancy paperweight. However, those initiated in the art of crafting constructs can find the true use of this sphere.

To activate the functions of the sphere, one must have the Craft Construct feat. Upon activation, the user may take a full-round action to establish control over any creature with the construct type within 100 feet of the user. Non-intelligent constructs, such as golems, simply fall under the control of the user, as if though the user was thier creator. This overrides any previous control over such constructs. Intelligent constructs may make a Will save (DC 10+1/2 the user's HD+the user's Int modifier) to resist control. If they fail, they are affected by the sphere as though by a Dominate Monster spell, except that it is considered an (Ex) effect, and is not considered mind-affecting. Living Constructs (such as Warforged), however, are immune to this effect.

In addition, any time the user attempts to craft a construct, they may make use of the sphere. No more than once per month, the user may craft a construct using only half the required GP price and crafting time, and none of the XP cost, the clockwork mechanics of the sphere helping you along in the crafting process. They may also use it to help craft other magic items in a similar process, but no more than once per month per point of their Int modifier, and no more than once per each type of item per month.

Finally, the user of this sphere may supplant parts of their body with that of a construct. They may undergo a week-long process that transformes them into the object of their craft, costing 50,000 GP and 1/4 their character level in XP. Their type changes to Construct, and they gain the Living Construct subtype. They gain a +4 bonus to their Str and Con scores, and they gain a natural slam attack dealing 1d4 damage for medium-sized creatures. They may be treated as Warforged whenever it would benefit them, and they gain a +4 bonus to their natural armor. They also gain DR 10/Adamantine and SR equal to 10+their HD. However, they now take a -2 penalty on all Cha-based checks made towards non-constructs - while they don't necessarily appear to have changed outwardly, other creatures feel that there is something off about them.