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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomes2169 View Post
    Hey, great to hear! Let me know how it feels as far as how safe you feel when using the blood bond as well, especially at lower levels where you have fewer ways to regain the hit points you are sacrificing. Oh, and which subclass were you going to be playing.
    Sorry this took so long. Been playing in two worlds and i didnt really choose the subclass coz i chose a demigod race for both worlds. Though different paths. One is taking the immortal and the other the sanguine. For both worlds sponging damage early is really rough but helps a lot if you dont really have a cleric. I've been getting 8+ on hp rolls per lvl so that helps a lot in sponging. Both worlds different dms found that bonded communication was too powerful since you can give a "live feed" during battle. In still frames i mean so they tried to limit it to a bonus action during battle. The immortal just hit lvl 3 and is already sponging like crazy no problems with it so far. The sanguine hit lvl 4 and the cruor blade is amazing and having to trade sponging for extra damage feels very balanced. Will update again. ^_^
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