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    Well here it goes anyway.

    Tanaka Mia
    Age: 17 (body age 16)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6'3"/190cm
    Weight: 192lbs/
    Faction: Wishcraft-sponsored Mashou
    Station: Mashou. Just... a Mashou.
    Speech: #008080

    With a stature not typical of a someone with fully japanese blood, and a complexion (freckles, largely) and fiery red hair less indicative of the same, it is fairly apparent that Mia is at most half japanese. Some features do point to the idea of her being at least half (her eyes and skin color, as well as her face composure), but she still stands out quite a bit.

    Nonetheless, Mia is tall, muscular young woman who might call to mind an amazonian woman or nordic goddess, more aptly. When not decked out in her mashou 'uniform', she normally wears tank tops and jeans.

    Mia is loud, boisterous, and generally takes even the most minute things as challenges. Nonetheless, she has a good heart despite her flaws, and while she can turn some people off with her behavior, she means well enough, and will generally try to make things right whenever she screws them up. Nonetheless, she is all about putting on a good example, except good examples to her are in the spirit of... old anime, sentai shows, and superhero comics.

    Mia was born to Tanaka Aiko, a fairly loose unemployed woman who mostly played on men for personal gain. Mia was a result of her getting pregnant from one of her routine nights of baiting some poor wealthy sap into buying her dinner and taking her for a night on the town, and keeping her was mostly an attempt at finding him and exploiting him. Unfortunately for her (and Mia), the man she seduced was a foreign philanthropist, so her scheme fell through, and she was "stuck" with a baby girl she really didn't want. But nonetheless, the selfish woman kept Mia for the myriad support systems for (single) mothers in Neo-Mitakihara, and reaped the benefits of that.

    Mia grew up without much of her mother's presence. Her babysitters were the lowest-budget possible, and more often than not Aiko just sat her in front of the TV while she went out for a few hours to party or pull home another sucker. As such, Mia learned to be independent fairly early, but not necessarily in a healthy manner. While she loved the stories of Sentai and other saturday-morning superheros, she was still prone to acting out, at first fighting off bullies with her generally always superior size, before diving into a more delinquent phase when she got in trouble despite her perceived do-gooding.

    If it weren't for a fateful little ball of white... is it fur? She might have just become a drain on society like her mother, but in the short year she's been around, Mia's explosive personality and attitude won her a following that could be considered fairly impressive.

    Wish: "I wanna be known as a hero! As somebody worth remembering!"
    Monikers: Mia the Justice-Spear
    Thematics: JUSTICE, heroism, strength
    Costume: While all mashou costumes impart a degree of protection, Mia's takes it rather literally, being a suit of armor, with fluting that seems to remind one of ocean waves. Her soul gem burns in the center of her chestplate, burning with an orange brilliance that is atypical of most mashou, but also has an unfortunate effect of being a "hit me here" target. Thankfully, Mia seems to have avoided that fate for now.
    Abilities: Aside from impressive augmented strength and endurance, Mia's primary unique ability is her conjuring of a seemingly unlimited number of harpoon-like spears, made from a sort of phantasmal, dark blue steel. She's able to throw them with alarming accuracy, and it's known that she can even summon them from under an opponent to strike up with a force similar to her throws. She also seems to have a degree of control over water, and her armor doesn't weigh her down as much as one would think.
    Perception: Mia is well-known in Japan, even moreso in the Mitakihara area. While her showboating and brash behavior can be a turnoff for some, others find her inspiring and in so many words, just plain awesome.

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