The cloak of Sangotime.

The cloaks of Sangotime are a group of minor artifacts with a singular purpose. Getting your allies to eat attacks directed at you.

The cloaks have 10 charges which are renewed each day at dawn.

For a certain number of charges, the wearer may as an immediate action as a result of an attack teleport a friendly, helpful, or fanatic creature from anywhere in the multiverse, to 5 feet within the caster. This effect also forces the target to take the attack, and spares the wearer. Even an AoE effect, the wearer will be magically protected.

Within line of sight, costs 1 charge.
Within 1000 feet costs 2 charges
Within 1 mile costs 3 charges.
Within 10 miles costs 4 charges.
Within 100 miles costs 5 charges.
Within 1000 miles costs 6 charges
Within the same world costs 7 charges,
Within the same plane costs 8 charges,
Within neighboring planes. (Such as etheral or astral, or neighboring planes on the great wheel) costs 9 charges.
Anywhere else costs 10 charges. (Yes this could even take someone from imprisonment from the lady of pain, or the far realm, such is the artifact's power)