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    Ravings of a Mad Walrus

    Mythos Class
    The Agios - Guardians of the meek.
    The Archikos - Nature is the mother of us all.
    The Duine - Steel skin or Revenant of a Fallen Knight.
    The Efev̱réti̱s - Mad Science is just mis understood genius.
    The Jäger - The sportsman, ranger, and bounty hunter.
    The Magos - Magic incarnate

    Mythos Race/Template
    Mythic Enhanced Being - Give up normality for might.
    Mythic Hollowing Ones - Undead warriors of the cycle.

    Base Class - Complete
    The Artist Macabre - From the Joker to Jack the Ripper, their names are infamy but you never wish to meet them.
    The Bailitheoir - Master the manipulation of memories.
    The Blackout Brawler - Local drunk can beat up anyone.
    Bloodstone Golem - Golems stained with blood of their victims. Monster class
    The Fool - Never underestimate stupidity.
    Goreamental - Blood Monster incarnate. Monster class
    Sanguinare - Be a true lord of blood.
    The Scribe - Who said book smarts are useless in a fight never met this guy.

    The Cyborg - Half man and half machine, fate is cruel or kind, depending on the eyes. Playable
    The Harbinger - Villainy was never so right, and the end was never so nigh.
    The Idioma - Abandoned
    The Incanter - Needs a lot of work on ritual costs.
    The Mage Knight
    The Professional - Profession the class, be a hero of the 9-5. Playable
    The Warlock May I borrow your soul my fireball needs some kick, and you don't seem to be using it much.

    Prestige Class
    The Intern - One day it'll pay off.
    The Accursed - Incomplete

    Template Class
    Half Dragon Re-balancing of half dragons because LA are dumb.

    Pathfinder Archetype
    Eldritch Researcher(Wizard)(Spheres of Power)

    Skin Suit Expanded -
    Eldritch Life
    Spell Sigils: Guard you city like a wizard. TODAY!
    Ritual of Summoning(Magic Crafting for mundane items)

    Martial Disciplines
    Cascading Dervish

    Items and Materials
    Guarded Warblades and Khii'dyr

    Hell Butterfly

    Era'guya(My Original Setting)

    Special Rules
    Mana System
    Rune Magic
    Senses Rework
    On Constitution

    Mythos System
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