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    Ravings of a Mad Walrus

    Mythos Class
    The Agios - Guardians of the meek.
    The Archikos - Nature is the mother of us all.
    The Duine - Steel skin or Revenant of a Fallen Knight.
    The Efev̱réti̱s - Mad Science is just mis understood genius.
    The Jäger - The sportsman, ranger, and bounty hunter.
    The Magos - Magic incarnate

    Mythos Race/Template
    Mythic Enhanced Being - Give up normality for might.
    Mythic Hollowing Ones - Undead warriors of the cycle.

    Base Class - Complete
    The Artist Macabre - From the Joker to Jack the Ripper, their names are infamy but you never wish to meet them.
    The Bailitheoir - Master the manipulation of memories.
    The Blackout Brawler - Local drunk can beat up anyone.
    Bloodstone Golem - Golems stained with blood of their victims. Monster class
    The Fool - Never underestimate stupidity.
    Goreamental - Blood Monster incarnate. Monster class
    Sanguinare - Be a true lord of blood.
    The Scribe - Who said book smarts are useless in a fight never met this guy.

    The Cyborg - Half man and half machine, fate is cruel or kind, depending on the eyes. Playable
    The Harbinger - Villainy was never so right, and the end was never so nigh.
    The Idioma - Abandoned
    The Incanter - Needs a lot of work on ritual costs.
    The Professional - Profession the class, be a hero of the 9-5. Playable
    The Warlock May I borrow your soul my fireball needs some kick, and you don't seem to be using it much.

    Prestige Class
    The Intern - One day it'll pay off.

    Template Class
    Half Dragon Re-balancing of half dragons because LA are dumb.

    Skin Suit Expanded -
    Eldritch Life

    Items and Material
    Guarded Warblades and Khii'dyr

    Era'guya(My Original Setting)

    Special Rules
    Mana System
    Rune Magic

    Mythos System
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