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    Default Re: [Gauging Interest] Dragons, Dragons Everywhere! Redux

    I have a character sheet ready. I decided to use a sheet similar to Grif's, but with the physical fields mostly rolled into the description.

    Spoiler: Kiadre's Sheet
    Name: Kiadre
    Type: Water dragon

    Description: Kiadre is sized somewhere between a Clydesdale and an Asian elephant. Her scales are dark blue and very smooth, with a lighter blue on her underside. Her eyes are a deep green. She has a webbed crest on the back of her neck and other bits of webbing on her ears and limbs. She has no horns, and her claws are short and retractable. Her tail is strong and resembles an ichthyosaur's. Her wings are short and work better in water than air; although she can fly, she is very clumsy at it. She tends to be slow and awkward on land, but can swim exceptionally well.

    Personality: Kiadre's attitude is professional and dignified. She does her best to be polite, even to rude people, but can sometimes give rather sharp reprimands. Being raised by humanoids, she feels most comfortable around them, and tends to be wary of other dragons. In some ways, she sees herself as being one of the demihumans, or at least their equal, and expects to be treated as such. Her interests include exploring, studying, and collecting things.

    Relationships: Once lived with the elvish sorceress Merala, but left to find her own way and has not made contact since.

    History: A long time ago, on the western coast of Latium, the elvish sorceress Merala discovered an abandoned nest of water dragon eggs. Suspecting that the hatchlings probably wouldn't survive on their own, and wanting the opportunity to study the creatures further, she took a few eggs to raise herself. Most of them didn't make it, but one did hatch. Merala decided to name her new charge Kiadre and train her to be her familiar.

    Little did Merala know that the little dragon was learning more than intended. After some time, Kiadre figured out how to read and speak the language of the Conclave, and from there started emulating the elves in other ways. She went from pet to apprentice, and it was clear she had no intention of stopping there; she mentioned that she eventually planned on becoming as respected as Merala was, whether by elvish society or elsewhere.

    Once she had grown, Kiadre decided that she wasn't going to live in the sorceress's shadow any longer. She left her home and went her lone and solitary way. Since then, she has travelled along the coast, finding new experiences and meeting new people. She has yet to settle down anywhere; wanderlust just keeps driving her on.

    Strength: Moderate
    Dexterity: Poor
    Constitution: Moderate
    Intelligence: High
    Wisdom: High
    Charisma: High

    Water Breathing: Kiadre is capable of breathing water as well as air.
    Water Jet: Breath weapon equivalent. After Kiadre inhales water, she can shoot it out in a powerful jet to stun prey or deter attackers. Nonlethal, but can exert a strong force.
    Air Blast: Breath weapon equivalent. After Kiadre inhales air, she can shoot it out in a forceful gust. Similar to the water jet, but less powerful.
    Arcane Lore: Although she doesn't cast spells, Kiadre's time as a sorceress's assistant left her with a good understanding of magic. She can notice magical fields or effects more easily, and identify them if they're not too subtle.
    Tail Smack: Kiadre's preferred way of fighting on land is to give enemies a good clout with her tail. It feels like getting slapped with a fish, but more so.

    Laconic version: A curious sea-dragon who tries to fit into humanoid society.
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