Great Work Maerok!

We are of the same mind you and I.
Necromancy suffered from so many ills I wanted to cure them (pun intended).
In 1994 I was struggling with (2nd ed.'s) irreconciliable paradox between the horrible reputation people had about necromancy and it's rather weak list of spells.
I wanted to put the fear back into the school but also, like you, expand on it's too-often forgotten domains related to healing, spirits, the soul and the flesh.

So I wrote 150 new necromantic spells...

There was sub-domaines about fear, darkness, flesh, the soul etc and included the healing spells (as in 2ed still included them into that school).

Heck, I even included some funny ones like "Corpse's smell" and "Summon dancing zombie horde" (if anyone remembers Jackson's Thriller video) ;p

I really enjoy seeing what you did. Kudos!