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    Default Calling this one for mine

    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.

    My first campaign(that never actually got of the ground(for now anyways...)) had them on the road to a town and enter the town square being attacked by undead.

    I happen to be double-jointed in the correct places to freak people out. But it is hell to pop my back or stretch anything.

    Characters: too many to list, most haven't even seen play or died when we got off track of the campaign and started a new game. Will try and put them down at some point in time.

    Homebrew Sig Thread: Here

    Mammals scare the crap out of me (sadly, humans are included to a much lesser degree), but I've learned to dial back my reactions to them over the years. However I absolutely love invertebrates and reptiles, as can easily be seen in my homebrewing habits when designing creatures and, to a lesser extent, races.

    Youtube Channel: Noctus Does Things

    Favorite Sayings:
    • "Trust me"
    • "Don't worry"
    • "I know what I'm doing"
    • "Super Ballz OP Plz Nerf"
    • "That is not a Mary Sue. My character took her into the back room of the bar last session "
    • "(After any form of possible campaign-ending mishap) You wake up in your chambers..."

    More info on my eye annoyance from when my mom looked into it when I was younger: "He might have bene ditiatism because his pupils are always dilated and has pain in bright light, but I'm not sure."

    I am GMT -6:00 (Central US Time Zone) and nocturnal living in a small town that runs on the "9-5 and closed on sundays" time schedule, please kill me.

    Glad to be here, I'm prone to random spurts of motivation and ideas. It's almost completely random when I'll be online or contribute anything (even less likely if it's of value), but I'll try to get back asap if messaged.
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