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...and from His bones and His Flesh rose the outer planes, as blasted and unholy as He, cursed forever in their existence. From his blood there arose a host of vile and foul creatures, seeking only to corrupt and destroy. But a group, 13 in number, rose above this Host born unholy from His blood, and sought to continue His existence through their deeds, and they were called the Council of Fel, feared by the all the heavens and hells.

The Fel Council is a group of 13 Fiends, the highest of their kind, more evil and corrupt than any of the Unholy legions below them. Said to have been born from the first drops of blood from the body of Fel, who had fallen to create the Outer Planes, they are creatures so evil, even Asmodeus and Orcus dare not defy their unholy will. It is said that when their Master, Fel, rises from his slumber, they will join him and the planes will fall to darkness and unholy destruction.

The Fel Council

Together: Major Deity | Separate: Lesser Deities
Symbol: A ring, consisting of 13 unholy symbols, around a pair of eyes
Home Plane: The Outer Planes
Alignment: Any Evil
Portfolio: The Apocalypse, Destruction, Corruption, Death of Civilization
Worshipers: Evil Outsiders/Fiends, Evil Aligned Creatures
Domains: (Special) Any Domain used by any Evil Deity, including sub-domains
Favored Weapon: (Special) Any favored weapon used by any Evil Deity