վատ է ձի, (Vat e Dzi)
CE Lost[Wrath] Equinal Bard 2/Evangelist 5/Crusader 6

Spoiler: Build

CR Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
6 (6 HD) Equinal +6 +5 +5 +5 Balance 5, Bluff 4cc, Concentration 9, Diplomacy 9, Gather Information 4cc, Jump 7, Knowledge(The Planes) 9, Knowledge(Religion) 9, Listen 9, Perform(Oratory) 4cc, Sense Motive 9, Spot 9 Improved Unarmed Strike, Persuasive, Superior Unarmed Strike, RunB Large size, +11 Natural Armor, Speed 60ft., 2 natural Slam attacks (1d8), At-Will: Aid(DC 17), Command(DC 16), Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Dimension Door(DC 19), Dispel Magic, Fog Cloud, Light, Magic Circle Against Evil(self only), Magic Missle, See Invisibility; 1/day - Slow(DC 18) and Wall of Stone(DC 20). Caster Level 6th. The save DCs are Charisma based., Whinny(DC 17), Speak With Animals, Lay on Hands, Resistance to Acid 10, Resistance to Cold 10, Immune to Electricity and Petrification, +4 racial bonus on saves vs. poison, Tongues, DR 10/Evil or Silver, Spell Resistance 18
8 (7 HD) Bard 1 +6 +5 +7 +7 Bluff 7, Gather Information 5, Perform(Oratory) 6 Bardic Music 1/day, Bardic Knowledge, Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Equinal Whinny DC increases by 1, Speed 70ft., +3 Natural Armor (added to Equinal base for a total of +14 Natural Armor), Fury of Wrath, DR (1/2 character level)/magic, Twisted Mind
9 (8HD) Bard 2 +7 +5 +8 +8 Bluff 8, Perform(Oratory) 11 Bardic Music 2/day
10 (9HD) Evangelist 1 +7 +5 +8 +10 Diplomacy 10, Intimidate 3, Perform(Oratory) 12, Sense Motive 10 Extra Music Great Orator 1/day, Inspire Dread
11 (10HD) Evangelist 2 +8 +5 +8 +11 Diplomacy 11, Intimidate 6, Perform(Oratory) 13, Sense Motive 11 Great Orator 2/day, Fast Talk
12 (11HD) Evangelist 3 +9 +6 +9 +11 Diplomacy 12, Intimidate 9, Perform(Oratory) 14, Sense Motive 12 Great Orator 3/day, Inflame the Righteous
13 (12HD) Evangelist 4 +10 +6 +9 +12 Diplomacy 13, Intimidate 12, Perform(Oratory) 15, Sense Motive 13 Imperious Command Great Orator 4/day, Skill Mastery (1 skill), Equinal Spell-like ability DCs increase by 1
14 (13HD) Evangelist 5 +10 +6 +9 +12 Diplomacy 14, Intimidate 15, Perform(Oratory) 16, Sense Motive 14 Great Orator 5/day, Convert the Unfaithful
15 (14HD) Crusader 1 +11 +8 +9 +12 Intimidate 17, Perform(Oratory) 17cc, Ride Furious Counterstrike, Steely Resolve 5
16 (15HD) Crusader 2 +12 +9 +9 +12 Diplomacy 15, Intimidate 18, Perform(Oratory) 18cc Song of the White Raven Indomitable Soul
17 (16HD) Crusader 3 +13 +9 +10 +13 Diplomacy 16, Intimidate 19, Perform(Oratory) 19cc Zealous Surge, Equinal Whinny DC increases by 1
18 (17HD) Crusader 4 +14 +10 +10 +13 Diplomacy 17, Intimidate 20, Perform(Oratory) 20cc Steely Resolve 10
19 (18HD) Crusader 5 +15 +10 +10 +13 Diplomacy 18, Intimidate 21, Perform(Oratory) 21cc Improved Natural Attack(Slam)
20 (19HD) Crusader 6 +16 +11 +11 +14 Diplomacy 19, Intimidate 22, Perform(Oratory) 22cc Smite 1/day

Spoiler: Abilities

Starting Ability Scores:
Str - 10
Dex - 12
Con - 13
Int - 14
Wis - 8
Cha - 15

Race Adjustments:
+10 Str
+6 Con
+2 Int
+4 Wis
+4 Cha

Template Adjustments:
+4 Str
+4 Con
-6 Int

Level Increases:
4, 8, and 12 to Charisma
16 to Constitution

Final Ability Scores:

Str - 24
Dex - 12
Con - 24
Int - 10
Wis - 12
Cha - 22

Spoiler: Spells per Day/Spells Known

Spells per Day/Spells Known
CR 0lvl 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
8th 2 - - - - - - - - -
9th 3 0 - - - - - - - -
Spell progression doesn't continue beyond this point.

Spells Known:
0 Level: Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
1st Level: Expeditious Retreat, Inspirational Boost

Spoiler: Maneuvers Readied/Maneuvers Known

Maneuvers Readied/Maneuvers Known
CR 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
15th 1 1 2 1 - - - - -
16th 1 1 2 1 - - - - -
17th 1 1 2 1 1 - - - -
18th 1 1 2 1 1 - - - -
19th 1 1 2 1 1 1 - - -
20th 1 1 2 1 1 1 - - -

Maneuvers Known (typically readied are marked with R):
1st Level: Leading the Attack(WR), Martial Spirit(Stance)
2nd Level: Foe Hammer(DS)
3rd Level: Revitalizing Strike(DS)R, White Raven Tactics(WR)R, Tactics of the Wolf(Stance)
4th Level: Divine Surge(DS)R
5th Level: Tide of Chaos(DS)R
6th Level: War Leader's Charge(WR)R

Spoiler: CR 6, So let the games begin
Vat e Dzi begins his life as an Equinal named Paterazmi Dzi with a particular zeal for battle. Moreso than others of his race, he relishes hoof to hand combat, and has focused on learning to use not just his slam attacks, but his whole body as a weapon. He's a staunch ally to anyone who would face the forces of evil. He can encounter the PCs in pretty much any place where there is a battle between good and evil. He usually enjoys running with his close friends and allies, a small group of other guardinals. He also studies a bardic tradition in an effort to better support his allies in their battles.

Spoiler: CR 10, A heinous crime
Tragedy befalls Paterazmi Dzi and his guardinal allies when fighting against a pack of fiends in Pandemonium. The battle raged back and forth through several caverns. The fiends fell back to a cavern containing the soulstuff they were harvesting from the plane, and managed to slay one of his guardinal allies. His righteous fury gave way to simple hatred of the fiends, and plunged into their midst. He drove their leader into the containers of soulstuff, shattering them and releasing tainted incarnum into the cavern. Paterazmi Dzi's allies were driven back by the storm of incarnum whipped up by the howling winds of Pandemonium, and a stray wisp of hate-tainted incarnum shot through Paterazmi Dzi like an arrow. The incarnum fused with his essence. It corrupted his form and drove him into a raging frenzy. He slew the leader of the pack of fiends, and his allies lost track of him as he vanished into the depths of the cavern system in pursuit of the rest of the fiends, his horrible Whinny echoing above the winds.

The terribly transformed being now known as Vat e Dzi wandered for quite some time through Pandemonium before finding himself at the gates to the Citadel of Slaughter on Phlegethon. It was there that he found renewed purpose in the service of Erythnul. He yearns to turn all the planes into an eternal battlefield in the sacrament of slaughter. While he is personally fearsome in battle, he also takes delight in leading others to go to war and spill blood. There is a strange kind of unity in the terror and suffering of war, and to Vat e Dzi's corrupted and twisted mind, that's similar to the camaraderie he felt prior to his fall.

Vat e Dzi gains the Lost template shortly before gaining his first bard level. This template warps his body and twists his mind, changing him from an agent of good with a lust for battle to a slaughtering fiend who incites others to violence. His visage is terrible to behold, and his wrathful heart can be heard beating quite some distance away. He has limited bardic training, and becomes an Evangelist of Erythnul at CR 10. As far as the PCs are concerned, Vat e Dzi is a wealth of potential encounters or campaign options. He has the built-in hook of his former guardinal allies who are likely looking for him, there's the hook listed in the Lost template writeup where the party might be on the lookout for a way to "cure" a Lost. As for encountering Vat e Dzi himself, he is probably best used as the agitator who is prodding several tribes of savage humanoids to band together and go to war against the more civilized races. He is likely a general or advisor to the tribal leaders, and may wade into combat himself. More likely, he'll try and incite multiple sides into conflict and revel in the death and destruction.

Spoiler: CR 15, A show of force
Given enough time, Vat e Dzi begins building a dark mirror to his former group of allies. He gathers a small league of like-minded individuals bent on chaos and destruction, and together they spread chaos and destruction on a much wider scale. He and his allies gather a large army under their command, and lead it in battle against forces on both the Prime Material and the Outer Planes. Their targets are not specific, Vat e Dzi will strike at anyone so long as there can be slaughter.

At CR 15, Vat e Dzi finished off Evangelist and starts taking Crusader levels. He can now inspire his allies in to much more destructive heights in battle, and has a method for converting non-allies into allies on the spot. He can convince even the most peaceful of individuals to kill. He uses this as a recruitment tool to swell his ranks. His addition of Crusader levels gives him much greater personal combat ability, as well as opening up the White Raven line of maneuvers to make him a more effective war leader.

Spoiler: CR 20, A murder would be nice of course
As an Outsider, Vat e Dzi won't die from old age, meaning the only way to stop him is to either discover a method to cure a Lost, or to slay him. If he is left to his own devices, he will continue his one-horse crusade to plunge all of existence into bloody conflict. His former allies would very much like to cure him, but will put him down before they let him cause more harm. But in order to stop him, they will need help.

By CR 20, Vat e Dzi has gathered a mighty horde, and is a potent combatant in his own right. His inspirational abilities are solid, as all of his Bard, Evangelist, and Crusader(thanks to Song of the White Raven) levels stack for determining the strength of his Inspire Courage ability, and he can augment that ability with his White Raven Maneuvers. His former allies are likely to contact the PCs (if they haven't already) for help in dealing with their friend. Even if they find a cure, they will have to confront Vat e Dzi, and catching him alone will be difficult. They'll either need to engage his army with one of their own and seek him out on the battlefield, or more likely they'll have to deal with him and his personal retinue.

Spoiler: References

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