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    Animated Objects

    Animated objects are tricky to figure out for several reasons.

    1. They're mindless. For the purpose of the given LA's, I'll be assuming they somehow got an intelligence score.
    2. They're very diverse. A glass orb is going to be far less powerful than a riverine handkerchief, even if both are tiny animated objects. I'll be 'fixing' this issue by assuming two default animated objects.

    The first object is long, made out of iron, has the Improved Speed (wheels) trait, and will from here on be called the 'Wagon'. The second object is long, made out of cloth, has a fly speed, has the Blind and Constrict traits, and will from here on be called the 'Carpet'. I am aware these fail to cover the wide variety of objects that can exist, but I don't see a more elegant way to handle this.

    With that being said, on to the objects!


    The Wagon is kind of weak here. It may be fast and hard, but offensively you will be deadly negligible damage. With small-size being so much better for you, I'd feel bad assigning any LA here.
    The Carpet isn't much better off, either. When you have racial features that encourage grappling, you don't want to be tiny. Without the hardness the Wagon possesses, you'll be destroyed the first time you encounter a monster with ranged attacks or flight, and even if you can move safely at range: what will you do from there? A LA doesn't seem necessary here, to be honest.

    Wagon LA: +0, Carpet LA: +0.


    The Wagon has definitely improved a lot. Your AC remains about the same, but your melee abilities improve, and you get extra HP. Not to mention that both your strength and natural weapon increase in power. In my opinion, this pushes the object into LA territory.
    The Carpet has gotten slightly stronger, too. That is, you can now barely outgrapple a halfling commoner. No LA increase is required, IMO.

    Wagon LA: +1, Carpet LA: +0.


    More HP, more strength, and more slam damage are about offset by the RHD you gain. No LA change for the Wagon.
    The Carpet can now grapple as well as a town guard, except any decent melee build could just kill the guard the normal way, and wouldn't have to take two weak RHD on doing so.

    Wagon LA: +1, Carpet LA: +0.


    Here's where the RHD start to hurt. Even without LA, class levels just get too important. The Wagon's LA is lowered to -0; and so is the carpet's.

    Wagon LA: -0, Carpet LA: -0.


    8 HD just aren't worth the abilities this grants you.

    Wagon LA: -0, Carpet LA: -0.


    By this level, wizards are about to become literal gods, warblades can create earthquakes by punching the ground, even samurai have their uses in intimidating about anything into submission. You? You're either are whale-sized cart that can bash someone once per round, or a whale-sized piece of cloth that may be able to fly fast enough to reach its target before the encounter ends.

    Wagon LA: -0, Carpet LA: -0.


    I sure am glad I chose these 32 RHD over 32 actually useful class levels! Being a useless, emotionless piece of cloth has made my game so much fun! /sarcasm.

    Wagon LA: -0, Carpet LA: -0.
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