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Well i somehow missed this for a full day.

Edit: and looking back im not exactly sorry that i did.
Hey, don't be down. I've been away from posting for the past couple weeks, mostly due to a variety of unfortunate circumstances . Finals week at my college. I failed a math final (and the class) but got two B's and an A in the others. Not too horrible.

I'm back for the time being.

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There's always the Replicators from Stargate and/or the Clockwork Horrors from D&D.

Theres just so many mechanical or pseudomechanical One-of-Us monsters out there.

Speaking of, does anyone know a of an efficient phyrexian, borg, phalanx, replicator, or clockwork horror style monster in Pathfinder?

I need to eradicate some space monsters.
There was one in Tome of Horrors. N'gauthu or something. I'll look it up. They were a little less Borg and a little more Hellraiser, though.

Anyways, to making gods.

Unseen Magi
Alignment: TN

Mythos: The Unseen Magi were said to be an elite order of wizards and sorcerers, who sought to gather under their control all knowledge in the known world. It is said that when they delved into Vecna's realm, to try and steal secrets, he decided to (rather than destroy them) turn them into his hidden counsel.

They now serve as lesser deity servants of his.

Cults: The Unseen Magi are worshiped by a variety of arcane spellcasters, as well as possessing their share of clerics. Their cults are mostly found in larger cities.

Favored Weapon: The dagger.

Domains: The Unseen Magi can grant the Knowledge, Magic and Travel domains.