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    Grand Arbiter's Extended Homebrew Signature

    Feel free to PM me with any questions about my creations.

    The Taldar: A construct race based upon Protoss Purifiers from Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void. At some point I need to compose a better version of the entry with its own thread. An entry in Local Speakeasy: Home Brewing 3.X Competition I: To The Ruin of All
    Lizardfolk:LA+0 racial statistics, a couple of feats, and Racial Substitution levels for lizardfolk Scouts. Tied with ShiningStarling (f/k/a Oblivimancer) for 2nd place in Local Speakeasy: Home Brewing 3.X Competition II: The Wild Side
    Soul of the Sea: Aquatic-themed class abilities for the Favored Soul. 1st Place and Best Use of Theme in Local Speakeasy: Home Brewing 3.X Competition III: Treacherous as the Sea
    Telyn, made from Mind and Magic. A Vestige, made with collaboration from digiman619.

    Divine Bastion. Crusader. A tanky Path of War paladin variant, with elements drawn from PF and 3.5 paladins.

    I inspired a Vestige.
    ...make that two.

    Spoiler: Homebrew by other people

    Zaydos's homebrew signature. A ton of good stuff here.

    Jormengand's homebrew signature. They were banned, but some of their 'brew is still good.

    Here be Zerg
    Liz Lorn's Swarmlord
    Orthwo's Ozodrin
    Draken's Evolutionist

    T.G. Oskar's homebrew signature

    Jiriku's Remixed Monk

    MrNobody's APFs (Alternate Prestige Features)
    Interesting alternate features for the 3.5 DMG prestige classes.

    Vaynor's miniature golems
    Fun low-power golems

    My Extended Signature
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