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    Libro's Extended Homebrew Signature

    Spoiler: Recommended homebrew by other people

    Zaydos's homebrew signature &Jormengand's homebrew signature
    Both sources of great work by two great homebrewers.

    T.G. Oskar's homebrew signature
    I'd recommend his retooled classes over many of the WOTC versions.

    Recommended for Zerg fans:
    Liz Lorn's Swarmlord
    Orthwo's Ozodrin
    Draken's Evolutionist

    Other fun stuff:
    Jiriku's Remixed Monk
    May need to drop skill points by two points, but otherwise a great take on the monk that sticks close to the PH version.

    MrNobody's APFs (Alternate Prestige Features)
    Add something new to your DMG PRC today!

    Vaynor's miniature golems
    Fun low-power golems

    Works completed:
    •Drow: Have a drow, they're LA-free.
    •The Taldar: A construct race based upon Protoss Purifiers from Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void. At some point I need to compose a better version of the entry with its own thread.
    •Lizardfolk:LA+0 racial statistics, a couple of feats, and Racial Substitution levels for lizardfolk Scouts (2nd place!)
    •Soul of the Sea: Aquatic-themed class abilities for the Favored Soul.
    •Telyn, made from Mind and Magic. (Vestige)
    •LA +2 Drider. Playable alongside standard drow without HD making a mess of things.
    •Fiendish thingy with natural weapons. I may rework/retype this at some point as a more functional race. Feral Fiendling will likely be the name.

    Works in progress:
    •None atm.

    •I am/inspired a Vestige.
    •...make that two.

    My Extended Signature
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