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    A few projects of mine:

    1. Campaign logs archive:
    A slowly growing collection of campaign logs. Check it out, throw me a line if you wish to add yours.

    2. Campaign planning log- Nature of The Beast:
    A log dealing with the process of planning and designing a campaign. Slowly updated.

    3. Monster Compendium for the maligned, forgotten & misunderstood monsters:
    A monsters compendium that focuses on monsters not often used, trying to focus on making them interesting, worthwhile, with a place in the gaming world. (Not updated in awhile, but open for discussion.)

    4. Tactical Mass Combat rules (Not the Paizo strategic battle):
    A homebrew attempt to create mass combat rules on tactical level, not a strategic level. Using regular combat grid. Been tested on a few battles (Wrath of the Righteous conversion), with quite decent results. (Not updated in awhile, but open for discussion.)

    My campaign logs:

    1. Dangerous line of work- A Shadowrun 4th edition campaign journal, player's POV:
    The latest log, in which we try the Shadowrun game, with a group mixed from new and veteran players. Lots of laughs, taunts, and such, as well as a fairly detailed look to the system, from the look of new players.

    2. Wrath of the Righteous, DM's POV:
    A very detailed log, including many adjustments/ alterations and discussions on the campaign and it's design. Played up to nearly the end of the fourth module (The Midnight Isles), level 15/ Mythic Tier 6. Includes many ideas for improvement, and suggested sound tracks on the second post. (25 Sessions in total).

    3. Experiences with an apocalyptic FATE core campaign: GM's POV:
    An attempt of a group that never played with the FATE rules before for a game. Includes discussions from the GM's point of view. Complete- 10 sessions.

    4. Many Facets Of Darkness, DM's POV:[3.5, Eberron]
    My first attempt at DMing my group. My first log. An "Eberron light" campaign, including "behind the screen" view and discussions. Complete- 24 sessions.

    5. It began with a Crash!
    A campaign log from a player's view point this time, in a homebrewed world, with very funny and entertaining game and dialogue, in a heavily house ruled game. (Also- lots of pictures! ) 10 sessions.

    Various musings on Roleplay and Real life:

    (From most recent to least)

    1. Thoughts upon the role of roleplay in my life:
    Self analysis and contemplation, of the role of roleplay in my own life. Quite serious, mostly personal. Do with it as you wish...

    2. When real life imitates Shadowrun:
    An amusing/ interesting real life story/ anecdote.

    3. Leveling up in the real world- A humorous story?

    Just a funny little tale!

    4. For a friend of mine...
    On a more serious note, for the friend who introduced me to RPGs, and has passed away...
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    1. Special projects:
    Campaign logs archive, Campaign planning log, Tactical mass combat Homebrew, A unique monsters compendium.
    2. My campaign logs:
    Three from a GM's POV, One from a player's POV. Very detailed, including design and GMing discussions.
    3. Various roleplay and real life musings and anecdotes:
    For those interested, from serious to funny!

    Thanks for reading!