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    Archon, Hound

    Who's a [Good] boy? That's right, it's the hound archon! This canine big brother of the lantern archon, hound archons are more 'traditional' celestials. How can we improve their current LA of +5?

    Despite one being a human-sized dog-headed warrior and the other a ray-shooting ball of light, hound archons are surprisingly similar to lantern archons. The spell-like abilities mostly overlap, as do their archon traits.

    So what's different? The hound can turn into any wolflike animal (Legendary Wolf is probably the nicest), has two natural weapons, modest ability boosts, natural armor, and spell resistance. How much is that worth over the lantern archon?

    My gut feeling says +1 LA, if only because from 7th-level on the party's cleric will be able to call hound archons himself, but I'm not completely sure.
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