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    So, I re-watched Stakes and accidentally a prestige class...

    Spoiler: Vampire Queen Prestige Class
    Prestige Class: Vampire Queen

    • Charisma 13. A person must have a solid sense of themselves in order to stay sane after being turned.
    • Character Level 5. Vampire Queens are the elite of vampire society, so a vampire must have some degree of skill and knowledge before they can be considered a Queen.
    • Bitten by a vampire. You must have been bitten by a vampire before you can gain the abilities this prestige class provides.

    Hit Points:
    d8 per Vampire Queen Level

    Level Feature Vampire Powers
    1 Curse of the Nosferatu, Vampire Powers 1 Minor Power
    2 Feral Senses 2 Minor Powers
    3 - 2 Minor Powers, 1 Major Power
    4 ASI 3 Minor Powers, 1 Major Power
    5 An Eternity to Practise 3 Minor Powers, 2 Major Powers

    Curse of the Nosferatu. When you take your first level in this class, you become undead in addition to whatever creature type you were before. If a spell or ability specifies that it does not affect undead, such as Cure Wounds, you retain enough of your original type that it still affects you.
    As an undead creature, you do not age or require ordinary food and drink, though you do still require air and sleep. In addition, you must consume the colour from at least 2lbs of red objects or 4lbs of pink, orange or purple objects.
    You also gain the Sunlight Sensitivity trait as per page 24 of the PHB and for every turn that you spend with your skin exposed to direct sunlight, you take 1d8 radiant damage. This damage can be prevented by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or sheltering under a parasol. Furthermore, you take double damage from wooden stakes.

    Spoiler: New Weapon: Wooden Stake
    Wooden Stake. Simple melee weapon. Damage: 1d4 piercing. Weight: 2lbs. Cost: 2sp. Special: Deals double damage to vampires.

    Vampire Powers. As you gain levels in this class, you learn Vampire Powers from the list below; you may also replace one power you already have with a different one every time you gain a level in this class. You may not pick the same power twice. Vampire Powers are magical and cease to function in Antimagic Fields and similar effects. For Vampire Powers that work like spells, treat Charisma as your spellcasting ability. They are always cast at the lowest possible spell level, except where otherwise noted.
    Minor Powers
    Minor Powers are the most commonly seen of the Vampire Powers, as they require little effort to use and often become second nature to the vampires that wield them. Minor Powers that function like spells can be cast at-will and never require your concentration.
    Frightful Visage. You can cast Hold Person on any target that can see you.
    Invisibility. You can cast Invisibility on yourself only.
    Levitation. You can cast Levitate on yourself only. While under the influence of this spell, you can move yourself in any direction, not just up and down.
    Magic Tricks. You learn three cantrips from any class' spell list.
    Regeneration. You can cast Healing Word on yourself only, requiring no verbal components.
    Speed. Your base speed increases by 10 feet.
    Major Powers
    Major powers are more advanced than minor powers, and few vampires master more than one of them. Major Powers that function like spells can be cast once per long rest.
    Hypnotic Eyes. You can cast Dominate Person on any target that can see you.
    Shapeshifting. You can cast Polymorph on yourself only. You retain your mental scores when you use this ability.
    Telekinesis. You can cast Telekinesis.
    Undead Henchmen. You can cast Animate Dead as a 5th-level spell.

    Feral Senses. At level 2, your vampiric blood causes you to develop enhanced senses, especially your sense of smell. You have advantage on any Perception or Survival check that relies on smell. In addition, you gain darkvision out to 60 feet if you do not have it already.

    An Eternity to Practise. At level 5, you gain proficiency in one skill and one tool or musical instrument of your choice, thanks to the extreme length of your life.

    Anyone have any other suggestions? I'm pretty terrible at PrCs...

    And now, some items!

    Spoiler: Adventure Time Items

    The Enchiridion
    Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement by a creature with class levels)

    The Enchiridion is an ancient book with codes of conduct, guidelines, and other helpful information for heroes. Furthermore, the book has great power which allows it to tear open wormholes between different dimensions in the multiverse. An attuned creature must spend 40 hours studying the book to gain its benefits; any other creature can read the book but lacks the conviction to put its teachings into practice until such a time as they can attune to the book.

    Random Properties. The Enchiridion has the following randomly determined properties:

    • 2 minor beneficial properties
    • 1 minor detrimental property

    Heroic Teachings. After reading the book, you immediately gain 10,000 XP. You can only gain this benefit once.

    How to Kiss a Princess. The Enchiridion also contains useful advice on diplomacy and etiquette, including (but not limited to) instructions on how to properly kiss princesses. Once you have read this book, you may add twice you proficiency bonus to any Charisma checks you make while interacting with royalty of any kind, and always have advantage on such a check.

    Dimensional Portal. By rotating the sword on the cover of the Enchiridion anticlockwise, you can open a door in the cover, behind which are nine slots. If you place nine ioun stones (of any kind) into those slots, you can use the Enchiridion to cast the Gate spell, requiring no spell components. The gate is attached to the book; you cannot take the book through the gateway. After the gate closes, the ioun stones can be retrieved from the book.

    Destroying the Book. The Enchiridion can be destroyed by targetting it with a Flesh to Stone spell and then using an action to smash it to pieces. When you do so, its Dimensional Portal feature is automatically activated, creating a portal to Sigil. It is, however, impossible to permanently destroy the Enchiridion, as it is fated to exist until the end of time. 1d100 years after the book is broken, someone in the multiverse will make a wish that (probably unintentionally) causes the Enchiridion to be reformed, or that changes history so that it was never destroyed in the first place.
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