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Yeah, that was my general view of it too. no matter what, magic is better than no magic. Nerfs to casters make them unfun (by limiting choice massivly) long before they make them unbroken. A better solution is to bring the weaker classes up (not to tier 1-2, but to tier 3). that seems to be the typical opinion. You can do casting at tier three with the spontaneus specialist model (beguiler, dread necromancer etc.), but i'm not sure that these fixes produce fun classes (which involve versitilty and choice as much as power).
This. You really can't drag the Wizard down to the Fighter (note: specifically Fighter, not Warblade) without making it suck to play. You need to move the Fighter up at least a little. I suggest the following changes for a quick and dirty fix:

1. All martial classes Gestalt with Warblade. They may swap the Warblade's disciplines around for others of their choice.
2. Arcane Spellcasters all have the Sorcerer spells/day progression. They know all Core spells of three schools of their choice (Conjuration, Transmutation, Necromancy count double) and non-core spells from those schools as a Sorcerer.
3. Divine Spellcasters use the Spontaneous Divination variant from Unearthed Arcana, except they also know all spells on the Healer's spell list.
4. Ban specific problems (planar binding, DMM, polymorph, Shadowcraft Mage).

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1. Eliminate Quicken Spell feat. Swift action casting should be limited to spells w/ Casting Time = swift action.
What? There's no case where you want to do that. If you have metamagic reducers, Persist is a bigger problem than Quicken. If you don't have metamagic reducers, only Invisible, Sculpt, and Extend are worth using.

- Rope Trick: Tearing a hole in the fabric of space to another dimension via a 2nd level spell. C'mon. 5th SL maybe. Maybe.
I don't think determining spell level by spell concept is good. summon monster has exactly the same fluff at every level, but it does mechanically different things.

- Gate: The option of "Calling Creatures" to fight for you is cancelled.
Too specific. Superior rules include "No Minions", "No Minions (w/ short whitelist)", and "Only Leadership, but refluffed".

- Minor/Major/True Creation: Can't create material costing more than [10gp * spell level * CL] with a single casting of the spell. Also, Acid, Alchemist's Fire, Poisons and similar materials (alchemical or otherwise) cannot be created via this spell.
Makes using the spells normally suck (because you can't do anything cool), but doesn't make using shadow conjuration with them balanced. Hyrdrogen is cheap, but making a block of solid Hydrogen in combat is broken beyond words.

- Shapechange: The ability to change into objects (including Constructs) is omitted. Furthermore, HD and CR cap = CL.
Need to patch ability acquisition.

- Solid Fog: Any creature attempting to move through it must make a DC 20 strength check. If successful, the creature can move up to half its speed in a straight line; if it moves less than its allowed distance, it may make another strength check to move in another direction. If unsuccessful, the creature can move 5' in any direction, ending its move action.
Nerfs to specific instances of common effects (i.e. BFC) are bad. The replacement effect to solid fog is still probably too good if you consider solid fog too good, so you need a more general nerf.

- Wish: The option to instantly create magical items is removed from the things that Wish can do. That one always takes time and the usual chances for success/failure (see the "Redefining Magical Items' Creation" spoiler below). Only deities could do that (if at all) through means that the rules purposefully don't specify.
This solution to wish is bad. Good solutions include "No Time Cost, Full XP Cost" and "GP Cap". This just makes the spell boring. At least remove the XP cost.