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swift fly and friends, greater mirror image, arcane spellsurge, high level invisibility variants. Telling people they can't have divine power is likely to make people abusing Persist Spell better because they will spend less time pretending to be Fighters (an enterprise that is a waste of everyone's time). Even if you do want to gish it up, wraithstrike is better than divine power in most cases. sadism too if you have some source of first-round damage.
Ok, then Persistent Spell is the problem. Now I remember why I reinvented it myself, to do something entirely different.

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Not really. At +4 levels, Quicken is the suck, and Metamagic Effect doesn't work with Quicken. DMM is a decent choice, but only if you let people use Nightsticks. It's almost certainly worse than arcane spellsurge, which you didn't touch.
Don't get the bolded part.
As for Nightsticks - those shouldn't exist. Period.

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The spell lets you rest. That is 100% of things it does. You should never be attacked while resting (as it makes you rest more), so the spell has no practical effect.
1. You can build entire combat strategies in a dungeon around that spell.
2. Never be attacked while resting is ok for a video game, but it doesn't really convey the feel of a dangerous quest.

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Unless you cast planar binding. Or planar ally. Or animate dead. Or simulacrum. Or ice assassin. Or dominate monster. gate is broken, but it is not uniquely broken and banning only it makes the problem worse because it implicitly makes all those other things okay.
It wasn't my intention to remove elements of the game, just to make sure you can't summon minions that are above your power grade.

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Then what the **** is water made of?
This is D&D, not RL. Water is an element.

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Not ability scores. Actual monster abilities. Like the Ocean Giant's immunity to bludgeoning weapons and the Zodar's immunity to non-bludgeoning weapons.
That's one of the perks of high level polymorph. It's a 9th level spell after all.
If you can't exceed the CL with either HD or CR, then the result is probably within the caster's power grade already. In some cases, DM's ruling should apply if the target can use spells/powers or not.

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It's a BFC spell. Unless you have some weird personal hangup about it (in which case: wat?), you're nerfing it for balance reasons. But that doesn't do anything, because the replacement spell (wings of flurry or something) is close to as good. So you just move stuff around without fixing the problem.
Solid fog is a movement inhibitor.
Wings of flurry is broken for an entirely different reason: 1. uncapped damage; 2. immense range; 3. side effect.

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If people need gear to keep up and you think that is a problem, you should make gear easier rather than harder to acquire.

The specific reason for instant item creation was, IIRC, to justify the existence of expensive items, even though they have the same profit (500gp/day) but lower liquidity (because they take so long to finish).
One could devise the means to speedup item creation. Instant item creation is a no go in my book.