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    Fire dwarves. How nice. Azer possess decent stat boosts, two outsider HD, a natural armor bonus, the fire subtype, spell resistance and a minor heat ability. That's not bad, but not worth the +4 LA it's currently assigned either.

    Azer casters don't have much going for them: sacrificing two RHD for a small bonus to your casting stat is a bad deal. As a result, I'll be assuming you go melee.

    Compared to a 3rd-level orc barbarian, the azer has less HP, to-hit, and damage, but has superior AC, saves, and SR, as well as better dexterity, constitution, intelligence and wisdom.

    I know I voiced my dislike of defensive abilities compared to offensive ones just a few days ago, but in this case I find +1 LA appropriate. As always, please voice any disagreements.
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