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1) Power Shot is too hefty, especially in combination with deadly aim. If a rogue oicks this prestige class, at level 20 one has 33d6 damage(115.5 average), plus any bonus damage that might occur thrice. Four arrows of this, with the Fast Sniping ability, and basically every character one can imagine is dead after this guy's combat turn. Even if You limit it to maximum crit multiplier = strength multiplier, a character taking this class will boost strength to get it anyway(magically or otherwise)
I am interested that you think it is unbalanced. (I'm not saying it isnít Iím just a little baffled at the sudden thought that it is broken when before it was balanced) At level 20 casters can do much the same amount of damage and that is not including save or die spells so I donít really see how this class is much different (except the range at which it can do it) from any hard hitting caster (really I would like an explanation not trying to be argumentative). Also the auto crit is limited to 5+int mod which may be high if you are playing a rogue but I can see a max reasonable number being maybe 10 shots in this manner. And actually I wanted the character to have to boost strength because if you ask me if you are doing sneak at that range you should be using a very powerful bow to be delivering fast and accurate shots.

Also what am I facing that will have such low HP at a CR of 20

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2) You wanted comment on the gillie, You get it: Basically a good idea, but it has some flaws. First, You should designate a date of expiry for this, if one picks up parts of plants for concealment, these will rot in a few hours, a day at best, depending heavily on what materials are used. One option would be to state that a gillie lasts for one hour(or day?) per Sniper level, another option includes producing a terrain table where gillie durability is plotted over terrain type, the Sniper level would modify the durations on that table.
Secondly, a gillie should grant the Carmouflage ability, at least when the character isn't moving.
Also, what Hide skill penalties does the gillie reduce? Those on movement while hiding, I presume, but state it more clearly.
Fixed the missing wording on the hide check. It was meant to help snipping shots though I donít know if it should help the while moving checks.

I understand that I should add a time limit to the suit and I have added a 1 hour/level cap to the suit before having to remake it.

Also that the Camo ability is represented by Hide in plane sight. I didnít want to restrict it to only natural terrain because I wanted to leave it open ended so you could explain to a DM how you could make a suit work in a city and thus still get the bonus.

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Yeah... Solid class and I was thinking something like this in a 5 level format, but that said, I really do noth think you should be mulitplying extra dice. That's a recipe for unblance. Escpecially since you can declare criticals at later levels.
Hmm as i have said i am interested to see that you too think it is unbalalnced as others have said it seams balanced.

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Why not make an ability that functions off of the coup de grace principal for these guys since as snipers they will be spending alot of time wating and watching anyway. As a balance to it, all a modified fort save based off of the death from massive damage principle.

Ahhh suggestions wiith no elaboration mmmmm.

I would (especially because I like the way it can work, I've seen it in the assassin class in d20-40dk) but it can be to powerful with the other abilities. Massive damage is one thing but making a fort save of 100 is a little ridiculous