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Thread: Dancing Fox In XII: Dance If You Want To

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    Default Dancing Fox In XII: Dance If You Want To

    And here is that trio* of people** that Mist was told to expect. It's always good to practice doing...whatever one is doing, right?

    We have this boy, maybe 14 years old, with mousy hair and demeanor and a big worn-out backpack with the straps as tight as they go. But he's actually the last of the three to enter, dragging his heels and very nervous.

    In front of him with have this little pixie sort of person, a foot tall, with wings like an owlet moth, wispy blood-red hair, and a leather outfit. She flies in happily and vaults over one of the rafters.

    And just ahead of the boy, pushing past and getting in his way in the doorway, prompting him to spin aside and grab hold of his pack's shoulder-strap, we have the young woman with the fox ears and the blindfold, moving as though she can still see perfectly well.
    "We're here, if somehow you didn't notice."
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