Name: Needle, Nido. Pronounced the same.
Ways to Contact: PM me here!
Posting Frequency: Semi daily would work best for me, and I may skip a Friday/Saturday if real life demands so, those are our gaming days when there's something running around my place.
Type of Campaign: I want to try D&D 5e, which is the reason why I was lurking these last days. Other systems I like include Mutants and Masterminds and Pathfinder/D&D 3.5. The less minmaxing/metagaming and the more roleplaying/open minded, the better. Also, I do like to start low level-ish, in D&D like games that would mean no higher than 4th.
Types of Characters: Anything I fancy at the time, be it because I want to play a character or because the Setting gave me a good idea for one. There's also my irl favorite of rolling for race, class, attributes and gender in order and start from there, which is always a nice challenge. (Plus the character I enjoyed playing the most was born that way, so the randomness will always have a special place in me.)
Old Characters: The most recent are in paper mode. I think I'll fill this as I play online.
Old Campaigns: No links for now.
Other Information: My time zone is GMT/UTC -3 and my availability depends on my job. I work in the mornings (I have to go to bed early), so afternoons or evenings would be ok, with evenings getting the main preference. As you may have guessed from above, I prefer RP over having the best numbers or whatever. I play D&D just weeks after 3.5 was released, which is the reason a friend called me over to try the game. Before that I only knew of Baldur's Gate, after that I always tried to have something running because that awakened my love for playing as characters or whatever!