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... since forming them is a free action, I can see a really fun TWF build for Paladins with this spell... almost fun enough to make me play a Paladin ever... OK fine basically nothing short of a total redo can make me play a paladin, but still could be cool, maybe a fighter/archivist build... but yeah, TWF, throwing two handfuls of bolts at 5d8 touch attack a pop for a few rounds, sounds pretty freaking awesome.
I personally quite like the Pathfinder Paladin, myself, but then I have some possibly odd views on their CoC which may not mesh well with other's readings, but I'm glad you like the image!

But, having thought about it, I now have some concerns. Namely, is this spell too much of a but for ranged weapon specialists in the mid-to-late game? Funslingers and dedicated arrowstorm archers do plenty of damage as-is, do they really need another 5d8+5 (average of 27~) damage per shot?

To this I'm proposing a change for discussion: When charging a weapon via the second clause of the spell, the damage boost switches to 1d8 per 4 caster levels, and the casting stat to damage replaces any previous stat-to-damage.

Any comments?