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I am interested that you think it is unbalanced. (I'm not saying it isnít Iím just a little baffled at the sudden thought that it is broken when before it was balanced) At level 20 casters can do much the same amount of damage and that is not including save or die spells so I donít really see how this class is much different (except the range at which it can do it) from any hard hitting caster (really I would like an explanation not trying to be argumentative). Also the auto crit is limited to 5+int mod which may be high if you are playing a rogue but I can see a max reasonable number being maybe 10 shots in this manner. And actually I wanted the character to have to boost strength because if you ask me if you are doing sneak at that range you should be using a very powerful bow to be delivering fast and accurate shots.

Also what am I facing that will have such low HP at a CR of 20
The thing is, a sorcerer of that level can do 24d6 damage, once per round and six times per day. Your Sniper can do 33d6 damage, around seven times per day, and, this is important, three or four times per round! That's one target
definitely dead, be it the level 20 barbarian with a constitution score of 20, no save. No caster can manage that.
The strength boost is no hindrance for anyone, since magic items can grant any character enough strength to pull this stunt effectively. Plus, the crossbow user has a definite drawback here, only getting a x2 critical.
So all in all, no, one should not multiply sneak attack damage dice.

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Also that the Camo ability is represented by Hide in plane sight. I didnít want to restrict it to only natural terrain because I wanted to leave it open ended so you could explain to a DM how you could make a suit work in a city and thus still get the bonus.
Carmouflage and Hide in Plain Sight are different abilities, the first allows a character to hide when there's no cover or concealment(usually the prerequisites for hiding), the second just allows a character to hide while being observed, cover or concealment are still required. So I guess You'll want Carmouflage instead of Hide in Plain Sight.