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Like the class so far, but wondering at the lack of love for other ranged weapons? Why not Weapon Focus (any ranged weapon)?
Well realy I couldnt think of any other ranged weapons besides bows and crossbows. The only other weapons I could think of was were all thrown weapons and in my opinion Master Thrower is a fine class for anyone who wishes to throw weapons. The idea behind that being a prereq is that the person taking the class has become very good at useing that weapon, so much so that they can manipulate their shots or make thier shots act like you would need them to in order to do do what the special abilitys of this class do (that was very hard to write and probably harder to read/understand).If you can give me an example of a weapon I am leaving out that is not a thrown weapon I would probably be willing to change the requirment.

Plus i just relized this but you could aplly all the abilitys to other ranged weapons besides a power or crossbow all you need is to spend 1 extra feat to enter the class. I should probably change that