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    ShiningStarling's Extended Homebrew Signature
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    Thanks so much to everyone who has commented on my Homebrew, if you have any questions or comments on dead threads, feel free to PM me or tag me in a new thread <3

    Inevitable Bloodline - A Sorcerer Bloodline for Pathfinder based on Inevitables, done by request
    Elementians - a race of anthropomorphic Elementals
    Clerical Apocrypha - a series of Pathfinder Cleric Archetypes, for when you're tired of just healing and buffing
    Revised Spell Schools - Reducing the bloated spell schools down to 3
    Polymorph Revision - Polymorph rules that are hopefully succinct and sensible
    Dirge of the Many-Faced Knife - A song for Bards for whom Assassin is not a class, but a job description
    Aria of True Flight - A Utilitarian Bard song about Flight of people and arrows
    War Wizardry Contribution - Some Feats and items building on rferries War Wizardry thread
    Pact Magic - An Idea for making powerful magic by striking a deal

    Contest Entries
    The Guileful Striker - A Knowledge-based Fighter prestige class
    Tricks of the Trade - Skill Tricks for the City-going Adventurer, primarily for Disguise and Hide in Urban situations
    Vivifying Blooms - A spell that can be a long term buff, or a pretty scary thrall...
    Ruinous Magic - Feats for blowing crap up, with magic!
    Hermitic Monk - A Monk Archetype/ACFs that give it a Wild Side, with various druid abilities replacing some of the more random Monk stuff
    Oceanic Artifacts - Two Artifacts from far in the past, with powerful magical capabilities, especially in water
    Travelling Boots - Boots that are all about movement
    Bowstaff Striker - Totally not Hawkeye/Green Arrow

    Spoiler: Old Eye Bleeders
    Fighter Redux
    Paladin Redux
    One-Weapon Two-Weapon Fighting
    The Animal Agent
    Alchemy Overhaul - change to Alchemy to encompass Potion Brewing, lets non-magic classes make PHB Alchemical things - soon to be outdated
    Aspect of the Cosmos - Extraplanar entities that serve a cause... but aren't so specific as Demons or Angels -Playable, but likely never to be truly finished
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