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    Quote Originally Posted by WindStruck View Post
    What would you think about a some kind of medicinal antibiotics (gives advantage on saves vs disease for some days or hours), a disinfectant/healing salve (prevents infections from disease and increases healing rate), and... tindertwigs?

    Maybe to a pixie it would be called Twigs to Torches, but to a normal-sized person it's effectively a tindertwig.
    Sounds fine... I'd say the first two are herbalism and the tindertwigs are alchemy. *cracks knuckles* How about...

    Potion of Restoration. Magical potion (herbal), 100gp. When you drink this deep pink potion, it cures any disease affecting you.

    Salve of Lesser Vitality. Magical potion (herbal), 100gp. When you apply this potion to the skin, you gain advantage on saving throws against diseases and poisons for the next 4 hours, and you regain the maximum number of hit points for any Hit Die you spend during that period.

    Tindertwig. Magical alchemical compound, 5sp. This highly-flammable gel can be applied to a small stick of wood to create a miniature torch, which can then be used to kindle a fire. Using it to light a torch - or anything else with abundant, exposed fuel - is a free action. Lighting any other fire takes an action. The tindertwig continues to burn for one minute after it is lit, giving off bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for a further 10 feet beyond that. Tindertwigs are not extinguished by immersion in water.

    You know the ingredients for these well enough that you can scrounge them up on your own when in magical woodlands. Doing so costs nothing but doubles the crafting time.

    By the way, you are allowed to pick things out of the book for your known recipes. There's a free pdf here if you don't have the DMG. Counting the petals-to-paper recipe, you have one pick left for each kit.
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