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    Name: Kikkawa Yoshiko (color #669900)
    Cuckoolander - Yandere
    Strong: Luck, Weak: Allure



    universal: Stargazer: You know the night sky like the back of your hand, and you've written way too many poems and song lyrics about the Summer Triangle. +2 on Skill rolls involving astronomy, and +2 on Allure rolls under the night sky.
    cuckoolander: Huh? What?: You werenít really paying attention to whatever just happened, so youíll just keep doing what you were before. Once per episode, you may apply whatever advantages you applied to the previous roll to your current roll regardless of context or roll type. Abilities with limited usage cannot be replicated in this way.
    cuckoolander: Zone Out: Itís hard to hold a coherent argument against you or faze you with anything whenever your head starts drifting off into the clouds. +1 on Conflict rolls involving verbal altercations, fright, or intimidation.
    yandere: Terrifying Presence: Looking into your psychotic eyes is downright terrifying. +2 on Conflict rolls involving intimidation or fright.
    yandere: Knife Nut: Wielding blades is second nature to you. +2 on Skill rolls involving sharp edges (e.g. dicing vegetables, trimming plants, cutting out decorations).
    quirk: Athletic (Skating): Your relentless training regimen gives you a leg up in all kinds of physical pursuits. +1 on Skill rolls involving physical exertion. This bonus increases to +2 in any activity involved in your sport of choice.

    Quick Story


    Yoshiko didn't have very many friends. In fact, the number of people who had ever considered her a friend could probably be counted on one hand. She was just too out-there and weird. This wasn't helped by her parents; they always wanted her to be an olympic figure skater so she was always busy practicing for that all the time. Luckily, she met a friend at the rink - Santo Suzue. Because they were both always skating, they quickly made friends, talking about anything and everything. The more off-the-wall it was, the better. They laughed. They had fun. They had no other friends, but they didn't need any others. They didn't go to the same junior high (Yoshiko to Higashi Junior High and Suzue in Kaisei Junior High) but they had promised they would go to the same high school and always be best friends so they could be together forever.

    The last year of junior high was a nightmare. Because of the intense bullying at Suzue's school, she took her own life. Yoshiko was alone, with nobody to comfort her. Then, she snapped. Rather than going to school, she grabbed a knife and went over to Suzue's school. She lost it. Fortunately, no students were seriously injured, though several (including Yoshiko herself) were hospitalized. After she recovered, it was as if her soul had died along with her friend's. She no longer laughed. She stared out into space. Whenever she left her thoughts wander, she ended up fantasizing about blood. Knives felt like holding the hands of an old friend. It disturbed her, but there was little else that gave her any feeling. Still, because of the promise she had made, she worked hard to get into Minami High.

    Even in high school, she made no effort to make friends or connect with anybody; none of them were her old friend and everyone was too creeped out by her expressionless and emotionless face, anyway. She joined the cooking club, largely because of how familiar the knives felt in her hand. After school, she still skated because she could pretend her friend was still there pair skating with her. The only times she ever smiled was when she was laying outside, staring at the stars in the heavens. She could imagine Suzue up there in the stars, riding shooting stars and chasing angels and racing space ships. It made her feel happy.

    Then, she met the new transfer, Chiyuri. Chiyuri was so similar to Suzue. Everything about her reminded Yoshiko of her old friend. Same friendliness, same smile, same light in her eyes. It felt like the heavens had reincarnated her friend. Best friends shouldn't break promises, and they had promised to be together always.

    So excited! I'll make a post now.
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