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Hmm you make a good argument at least as far as comparing this ability to a strait caster build using only damage spells. Like I said they have save or dies spells like. I.e. wail of the banshee can kill 20 people in 1 round (of course that could involve your team mates but who cares )
Or power word kill which can kill something outright without a save. And those are only spells out of the phb that i could think of right now

Would alowing 1 power shot an attack action make it less cheesy?
The spells You're talking about, and any others I know, always allow for some control on the side of the target: either a save or a hit point limit(though the power word spells are among the worst spells ever produced, kill any wizards but don't even harm the fighter, crap). A Sniper can kill any character outright in one round WITHOUT the target having any means to prevent it.

Yes, one Power Shot per attack action would be fine, but better even to make Power Shot as a standard action, it keeps the flavor of one precise shot.

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Well you are partially true as far as the camo not needing anything but being in a natural terrain. However hide in plain sight works the same way but normally requires some sort of "cover" for example the shadow dancer just needs shadows to be close. Now shadows arenít cover at all but the dancer can still hide in them. The idea is that hide in plain sight is a more vague way of camouflage and in my description of hide in plain sight it allows hiding in only terrain that your suit matches. This is very much reality based. I.E. I donít care how good you are at hiding if you are in an open field of short grass with a few bushes around if your suit is meant to hide you in a snow field you arenít going to hide very well however if you are in a green leafy looking suit you could hide much easier and make yourself look like a bush

SRD says:
Camouflage (Ex)

A ranger of 13th level or higher can use the Hide skill in any sort of natural terrain, even if the terrain doesnít grant cover or concealment.
Hide in Plain Sight (Ex)

While in any sort of natural terrain, a ranger of 17th level or higher can use the Hide skill even while being observed.
That means Camouflage and Hide in Plain Sight are totally different things. If You want Your Sniper to be unseen in his gillie, even on terrain that doesn't usually grant that, Camouflage is what You want. Hide in Plain Sight has nothing to do with it, really.