Alright, I'm going to get the ball rolling here with an organization for Red Fel, since he's permapermissioned.

The Poinsettia Order
We will do anything, for the children

History: The Poinsettia Order was founded after the last great war, as a non-denominational network of orphanages that sprang up to care for the children left bereft of guidance in a cruel and feckless world. Founded by Mother Felicia, a renowned cleric, the Poinsettia Order quickly expanded to encompass orphanages, schools, and family friendly public houses. The Poinsettia Order has become a major political power across the continent, influencing policy, culture and philosophy with their initiatives.

Structure: The Poinsettia Order is a very top down organization. At the very top, the graceful and wise Mother Felicia makes sweeping dictations about the direction, goals and policies of her organization. These policies are enacted by her 37 "petals" who each command the organization within given regions. Most people have little to no interaction with Mother Felicia or her Petals. Instead, they most frequently interact with Headmasters and Headmistresses of the various schools and orphanages that are run by the Poinsettias, or join up with some of the grass roots movements funded and founded by the Order.

Joining: Joining the Poinsettia Order is relatively easy. They only require a dedicated oath to act in the best interest of the the children of the world. For many adventurers this means little change in their day to day activities, save the occasional small tithe. Those more invested in the Poinsettias often swear the Oath of True Loyalty: "I cannot, and shall not, abide by the harming of children. I will not support any action, or through my own inaction allow to come to pass such an action which would, cause harm to the developing hearts and minds of the children of this world."

Many members of the order are former orphans or students themselves, having learned from the Poinsettias at a young age the importance of their duties, and the unimpeachable importance of the motives by which the Poinsettia Order acts. The constant influx of new children ensures that the Poinsettia Order always has a ready supply of young, impressionable minds to mold into ideal, moral adults.

Duties: Members of the Poinsettia Order are tasked with managing initiatives, orphanages and schools run by the Order. At any given time their duties may include teaching a class, locating and evaluating potential adoptive parents or violently dismembering abusive or neglectful parents. In addition to this, they often champion legislation intended to protect children from harm in other ways, such as mandated sexual education (only available at Poinsettia approved schools), the censoring of unacceptable media, revisions of historical acts that are deemed unappealing, harsh laws regarding acceptable treatment of children, setting educational standards, accreditation of schools (accreditation by the Poinsettia Order, naturally), and reallocation of national budgets.

The order takes the protection of all children, whether one of "theirs" or not, very seriously. Unfit parents will be separated from their children, so that those children will not be tainted by the failure of their parents. Child abusers are dealt swift justice, with their children placed in Poinsettia orphanages. Accusations have arisen that indicate those who are politically connected, or are themselves high ranking members of the Order, are often overlooked in these "parental purges," though equally frequently there are accusations of the Order framing or even assassinating nobles in order to separate them from their children.

Perception: While there are some detractors of the Poinsettia Order's methods, in particular some of their educational practices and their treatment of "unfit" parents, no one faults their motivations. Whatever they do, it is clear that the Poinsettia Order does it for the children.