It's about time for the chimera, a combination of lion, goat and dragon with some hydra thrown in.

Let's start with the positive. A chimera's RHD are Magical Beast type, meaning they gain full BAB, quite good saves and good HP. They are also Large with decent physical stats, and have no less than five natural weapons (with mouthpick options).

The downsides: chimeras (chimerae?) are weak-minded and the breath weapon is nearly useless (why yes, I'd like to deal 3d8 points of energy damage instead of full attacking). Furthermore, the ability scores are a little low for a creature you're spending nine of your levels on.

I'm honestly in doubt whether or not to assign a LA here. On the one hand, 9 HD are a lot to sacrifice already, but on the other... four natural attacks plus a full BAB weapon routine is awesome. I'll be going with no LA, but anyone is free to correct me if they disagree.