The Songspun Brotherhood
Let the music set you free.

History: The Songspun Brotherhood has been around for about three centuries. They were originally formed by Travelsten Eversong, talented bard and high priest of the god Illyahr, and they quickly grew to spread across the lands. Now, one can hardly enter a tavern without meeting at least one member of this order, whether you know of them or not.

Structure: The Brotherhood is an extremely loose organization. They have no formal leader, nor do they officially hold meetings. Instead, it is up to the individual members to find new potential members and induct them. If several members of the Brotherhood come together, they tend to either work as equals, or the oldest will become an unofficial leader of sorts while they remain together, out of respect for their experience. However, all members of the Brotherhood can be identified by a pin or clasp int he shape of a harp with leathery wings, worn somewhere on their clothing.

Joining: One does not seek out the Brotherhood. Instead, if you have the potential to be a member, an already existing member will observe you and see if you are fit to join. If you are, they will approach you and offer you membership. Upon accepting, you are required to take the simple Songspun Oath: "I swear to bring the gift of music, the arts, and joy to the people, and to enforce creativity and freedom against those who would suppress."

Duties: The Songspun Brotherhood's main duty is to the people. They are tasked to spread joy to the populace, usually through a creative expression of an art form, music being the most common. They are to encourage those wishing to go down a similar road of creativity, giving constructive criticism and allowing them to grow as artists. However, the Brotherhood is staunchly opposed to tyrants, slavers, and those that would trample personal freedom and creativity. It is not unheard of for members of the Brotherhood to assist rebellions against such people, in one form or another.

Perception: Many government leaders, even those on the side of Good, view the Brotherhood with some extent of disfavor. They see them as lazy and carefree at the best, and anarchists at the worst. However, most of the general population holds them in high favor, as it is for them the Brotherhood performs their songs and protects their freedoms.