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I hereby grant permission to have a society built in my image. After the devious brilliance of some of the pieces seen here, I have high expectations.

Those who disappoint me tend not to leave remains.
Exemplars of Altruism
We shall show all the true purpose of this world.

History: Little is known about the origins of this mysterious organization. They claim to have been formed by a man known only as "Axon," who revered almost as a deity among the Exemplars. Their first activity began about 250 years before the present day. Since that day, reports of Exemplar activity has only increased, at a rate which alarms the various heads of society.

Structure: The members of this group, known as Exemplars, maintain a fairly loose hierarchy. At the head sits the Paragon, who oversees all activity among the lesser Exemplars. However, many of the more menial tasks are delegated to the three Epitomes, the members ranked directly below. They often curry favors and manipulate their underlings, in an attempt to place themselves ahead of their peers, for whoever is in favor when the current Paragon dies becomes the new head, and directly appoint his successor to the Epitomes. Each Epitome oversees one of the three Archetype groups that make up the rest of the organization.

Joining: To join the Exemplars of Altruism, you must prove yourself worthy of becoming the embodiment of their ideals. This usually involves completing a series of rituals and trials, randomly selected by the Epitome overseeing them. Should one succeed, you shall be inducted. If you fail, however, the Epitome shall punish you for wasting valuable time. Fortunately, said punishments are not usually lethal.

Duties: The Exemplars of Altruism abide by the rhetoric of assisting the world to become stronger. However, their methods for completing this goal are... questionable at best. And at worst, there are many who believe that this so-called goal is merely an act to disguise their true intentions. Regardless, it is fairly obvious that they believe that strength comes from trials and tribulation. The Exemplars often initiate unfortunate events and fund the shadier aspects of society, only to then alert authorities and adventurers so they may attempt to prevent widespread chaos and destruction.

Perception: Most look down upon the Exemplars for one reason or another. Exact opinions range from radical extremists, to misguided philanthropists, and even to terrorists. However, there are more than a few who seem to agree with the Exemplars...