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I see the cult's been busy, as ever.
This one's you.

Occulta Ludum
Does anyone know where Professor Aphalia's Intro to Divination is? Or when?

History: The Occulta Ludum is the premiere school of divination magics in the world. Or it would be, if anyone could find it. Founded long ago by an archmage of irrepressible power and foresight, the school was intended to bring together the best and brightest diviners in order to use their power and foresight to chart the ideal course for the world. Naturally, the barrier for entry needed to be appreciably high, so a great working of magic was constructed to prevent people from learning of the Occulta Ludum without first being capable of divining its existence. Sadly, it seems the magic was a bit too effective, and as a result, even once members have successfully joined, they find it extremely difficult to learn anything about the school.

Structure: Presumably, the Occulta Ludum is structured like most other universities. Students sign up for classes, attend lectures and advance their knowledge and skill with divination and other magic. Unfortunately, given the nature of the Occulta Ludum's protections, very few people actually remember anything about the lectures they attended, or if they even attended them at all. So no one can actually be sure what happened.

Joining: Those that actually manage to remember that they've joined the Occulta Ludum say that the process is fairly easy. Classes are expensive, but the only actual barrier to entry is the ability to locate the Occulta Ludum. What is more amusing is those students (and professors!) who join the Occulta Ludum without even realizing they've done so. Fragmented accounts of job interviews, ritual hazing, welcome and "spirit" weeks, and an intense fear of upcoming "Finals" haunt these poor souls for years at a time, sometimes even decades in the cases of those who are pursued by some beast referred to as a "post-doc."

Duties: The general mission of the Occulta Ludum is clear: To advance the study and practice of divination magic. Specific duties, however, are much more confusing and difficult to grasp in any meaningful way as they too are affected by the protective magics that hide the Occulta Ludum from the eyes of mere mortals. Still, the usual duties of raiding ancient tombs, scouring forgotten libraries and attending sporting events (Go Fighting Fugue States!) are common.

Perception: Almost no one outside the Occultua Ludum itself is aware of the school, and so it has almost no presence in the public mind. Among the other great schools of magical learning, the few who are aware of the Occulta Ludum consider it something of a joke, though they can't easily deny the notable talents of its supposed graduates in the art of divination.