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    Started this before I had to go and when I came back, Red Fel had finished up his. No sense in wasting this.

    Altova Martialis
    "Strength must come in all aspects, mental and physical. Your wit must be as strong as your arms and as sharp as your steel." - Unknown, Altova Martialis Grand Marshall

    Founded by a group of scholar-warriors, the Altova Martialis is both a school of thought and physical academy heavily focused on the self-perfection to be found in studying the arts of war. Over the course of it's history, it has produced many of the world's finest tacticians and warriors to ever grace the battlefield. Many alumni of the Altova Martialis have also gone on their way to create new academies, even new styles of fighting, all in the name of perfecting the martial spirit.

    The academy of Altova Martialis is loosely structured, focused less on strict hierarchy than on friendly competition over martial and mental prowess, headed by an elected Grand Marshall, who serves as a liaison to the outside world and director of day-to-day studies and training. Students are given lessons on many forms combat, ranging over a variety of weapons, from traditional single swords to heavy waraxes, spears, and even bows and slings, as well as philosophical lessons, honing their mind on historical texts regarding anything from tactics and historical battles to biology, anatomy, and even art.

    Joining the Altova Martialis is quite simple. Anyone may join, provided they demonstrate the capacity and will to hone their combat skills and their mind. Even a simple farm boy may be chosen over a prince or noble, no matter the difference in the fighting prowess or equipment used by the two.

    A student of Altova Martialis must always seek to better their mind and their body through their study and combat, and to uphold both their honor and the academy's.

    Altova Martialis has gained a reputation of producing the brightest tacticians and the strongest warriors in every corner of the world. Many child academies have also been founded in the name of Altova Martialis, generally by Alumni and 'Graduates' of the Academy.
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