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    Nuala Byrne, Nonessential Fullbringer
    Name: Nuala Byrne
    Race: Human; fullbringer
    Age: 23
    Height: 5’ 4”; 162cm
    Weight: 130 lbs; 59kg
    Affiliation: Nonessentia
    Reiatsu: Deep blue (#0000A6)
    Speech: #1164B4

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Regardless of her outfit, Nuala looks like a one-woman riot just waiting to happen. Her body is toned and fit, with a full figure and a tanned, warm light brown complexion, covered everywhere with either freckles or ink. She has strong cheekbones and rounded features. If she let herself, she might easily pass for "precious." Her large eyes are a clear, light green, limned along their edges with a darker green, making them stand out against her skin tone and the backdrop of her hair, which is a rich, natural red. Nuala wears her hair held back in braids longer than half her back, decorated with many white bone tubes and solid steel beads.

    Along Nuala’s arms, she is covered in a large pair of spiraling tattoos, one originating on the outside of each wrist with the head of a different dragon. The bodies of these dragons are interwoven with many feathery wings as they wend their way up to her shoulders and onto her back, where they cross together and their lines explode outward into a detailed mandala that covers her skin from the nape of her neck down to the small of her back. She sports hardware in silver and steel, with snake bites, a medusa, industrial bars, and piercings through her labret, bridge, septum, left eyebrow and navel.

    No matter which outfit she’s wearing, Nuala will not be found without the three Bs of her garb: her boots, her bag, and her bangle. Her boots are calf-length, fawn gray suede, covered with molded steel plating, buckles and silvered leather images of skulls. Her bag, on the other hand, is a starkly white hybrid of a messenger bag and tactical backpack, with a few silver accents in no particular pattern, which is slung over her right shoulder and can be accessed either behind her or from her left side. On her left wrist, she wears a simple but reinforced Quincy bangle, designed for long-term use.

    Spoiler: Outfit #1

    Nuala’s simplest outfit. It consists of little more than an emerald green ao dai with a soft grey inseam and black embroidery on its front and a pair of midnight gold glasses with small lenses in the John Lennon style. Since the ao dai feels light and free but isn’t billowy or gauzy, it’s perfect for most environments and times of the day. Great for the curating researcher on the go.

    Spoiler: Outfit #2

    An outfit consisting of a black hoodie dress with a light grey skull and crossbones on its chest, and a pair of faded black jeans that look like they've been stitched together from four or five different garments, with prominent pockets on their backside. She had donned a bone white grasshopper-like mask taken from the adjuchas Saltamontes, making her look very much like an adjuchas or Arrancar, herself. Around her neck, she wore a crimson cotton scarf.

    Stay tuned for more outfits!
    Spoiler: Personality
    Nuala is a collector. Despite her wild appearance, her personality is Badass Librarian. She's very well-studied, intellectual, and worldly. She's been all over, gathering things for her collection. Although she would rather have a civil conversation with someone, preferably over tea, she takes absolutely no crap and is always ready to see violence as the solution to a problem.

    She has a certain kind of jealousy that can easily be seen as curiosity. If she doesn’t have it, she wants it, and if she can’t have it, she wants to know about it. She has experience and practice with her fullbring over a much longer time, and from a much earlier age, than most fullbringers. At the same time, she has been actively researching her abilities, and those of others, by traveling the world; plumbing libraries old and new and; meeting, learning from and studying with other spiritually-aware humans and spirits. These two sides of knowing her abilities and her limits manifest as understanding and ability well beyond the norm for her kind.

    Honesty is not a virtue Nuala is highly familiar with. Dishonest and suspicious but charming, she relies on herself first and foremost, and sees other people as little more than tools to an end. She makes no friends and few enemies, but allies and acquaintances freely. When her loyalties and responsibilities are tested, she simply absconds. She rarely speaks formally, unless she’s being sardonic, and peppers her vocabulary with slang.

    Nuala fears oppression and losing loved ones, leading her to become antagonistic and sometimes even combative of authorities, and hesitant to downright evasive of forming strong personal connections. At a glance, she is unburdened by either the joys or the shackles of sentimentality. She craves both knowledge and affluence, but also trophies that commemorate and chronicle her adventures and acquisitions.

    She is prone to absentmindedly taking things apart and putting them back together when bored, Nuala also has a habit of clicking her tongue, and often gives names to inanimate objects. She has a personal peeve, bordering on extreme prejudice, against uncomfortable chairs.
    Spoiler: History
    For too much of her life, Nuala has had no true family of her own. At the age of seven, her father gave her over to foster services. Her Fullbringer powers had manifested much earlier on, before she had even turned three. For her father, it was simply too much. His wife had been plagued by the supernatural, and it eventually lead to her death. Though he loved his wife, her death seemed too mysterious, and he was investigated for any role he might have had in her passing. From then on, he was distrustful and cold to his daughter, as wherever she went, the paranormal followed. In time, he began to suspect Nuala's strangeness was the cause.

    She was well-accustomed to her own unique abilities, and felt that she must be unique and special. Her conceit followed naturally. She had always been trouble for foster and group homes. No lock could contain her, no child could befriend her, and foster parents had always "returned" her within days or weeks. Nuala spent much of her time in solitude, in places far away from other people in the city where she lived. She would sleep sometimes in parks, or dark holes that no one else could reach. It was better than be elsewhere, where other orphans put gum in her hair while she slept, or adults claimed they wanted her to live with them, but became liars soon after.

    Nuala's studies into the spiritual realm began with a Quincy. Another spiritually-aware human.

    At nine, she ran from such a ghost as she saw kill her mother. With her powers, even the halogen glow of a streetlight could become a deterrent. Even a storm drain could help her hide, and she knew many ways to evade and chase them away. What she didn't know of was a way to fight back, so when she saw arrows of light pass her and eliminate entirely the ghost that plagued her, Nuala had to know. At its source was just a person, a girl her own age, dressed in white, and holding a bow. And then others, older, but like her. Nuala was saved and destroyed.

    Still alive, but suddenly... no longer special. It awoke in her a fire. Jealousy. Other people, with similar awareness of the spiritual realm, doing things she couldn't do. Having friends. Or family. To have it, she must understand it. She introduced herself, asking questions. It was the most natural and inconspicuous approach. Katarine Priska Ursler. That was the other girl's name. She was ten years old. Nuala called her Priska.

    She learned there was a lot that she didn't know, and while she might be a little special, she was nothing like unique. She liked being unique, and simply by existing, these other people took that away from her. Because they had something she didn't, and couldn't have. Quincy is a bloodline, not something you can just learn or pick up and use. Through the Urslers, she learned about and met other Quincies, who were interested in why Nuala was spiritually aware, alive, and not of the Quincy bloodline.

    They learned from one another, and eventually, Nuala was accepted by the Urslers as a close family friend. Foster services considered her a runaway, and she spent nearly all of her time with the Ursler household, even so much as eating and sleeping there. She and Priska formed an inseparable bond; they were like sisters. They went everywhere together, especially when Priska was training, or out hunting Hollows. Nuala's ability to draw out the potential in other things was a big help for a budding Quincy, especially one like Priska, who needed a bangle to help her harness her abilities properly.

    During a hunting and training expedition, a particularly strong Hollow got the drop on Priska and Nuala while they were away from their chaperones. Rather than run away, Priska stood her ground and readied a shot, Nuala providing back-up. Priska died.

    The Urslers blamed Nuala for Priska's death, claiming that her presence inflated the Quincy girl's sense of ability, and falsely lead her to believe that she was in control of the situation. Nuala was grieving and in shock, traumatized from seeing her best friend die before her eyes. And then suddenly, the people she'd come to think of as family turn-heel-faced and told her to never return. She complied, but stole as much of her friend's Quincy gear as she could. "Mementos," she told herself.

    Nuala haunted her friend's Plus from afar, out of Quincy sight, until a Shinigami came to deliver her friend into the afterlife. Another spiritual person she'd never heard of. When the Shinigami arrived, the Quincy were curiously nowhere to be found. Nuala was beside them in a heartbeat.

    She learned again. That there was more to the spiritual world than just herself, Quincies and Hollows. When the Shinigami performed the soul burial, Nuala tried to follow them, but was cast out of the dimensional rift and found herself elsewhere. A completely different country. Clearly, she had much more to learn. And she did.
    Spoiler: Possessions
    Emerald Bichirs [3]: Living spiritual devices of Nuala's own design, emerald bichirs represent Nuala's first complete foray into the craft of spiritual weapons and armaments. Emerald bichirs are normally small, invisible and have no physical bodies, even with regards to other spiritual creatures. When an emerald bichir is awakened, it becomes vaguely visible from certain angles.

    An emerald bichir has an elongated body with an appearance halfway between an eel and a fish, with bright silver scales, long whiskers, twelve separate dorsal finlets and shiny highlights of rich forest green. Unlike the bichirs for which they are named, emerald bichirs have long, curved teeth that can sink into the spiritual body of a host and anchor them in place.

    An emerald bichir is awakened by feeding it caloric energy, which is tied to human strength and stamina. The bichir takes in this caloric energy, processes it as food, and outputs reiryoku back into its host's body. The reiryoku a bichir produces is the host's own, thus allowing them to use it freely. An emerald bichir functions like an amplifier for spiritual energy, and its gain is dependent on the amount of caloric energy being fed to the bichir. Even when dormant and invisible, the emerald bichir passively processes caloric energy and provides reiryoku back to its host, producing a rough gain of two.

    When awakened, an emerald bichir's gain increases, sometimes up to as much as four. The more caloric energy that is fed to the bichir, the more visible it becomes, and also the longer, larger and more dragon-like one appears. An invisible bichir might be as small as four inches long, but a fully awakened one could be more than two feet in length. Once caloric energy is no longer being actively fed to the bichir, it quickly becomes invisible and shrinks back down to its normal size again.

    Using an emerald bichir is not without consequences, however. Just having one anchored to the body increases a person's caloric needs, making them hungrier than they would be without the device. If a bichir is not awakened, the difference can often be easily dismissed, but awakening a bichir has repercussions that can leave a person ravenous.

    Nuala has taken on a load of three emerald bichirs, arranged into a cascading circuit, and though this does make her much more powerful than she was before, she must eventually meet with the consequences of her actions. Even when she does not awaken her bichirs, she must consume more than twice as much food as an athletic human of her size and weight to maintain her health.

    Quincy Bangle: Foremost, Nuala does not store Priska’s keepsake in her Craein Seithe. She might one day, but until then, she wears it around her left wrist. In theory, she could use the bangle for herself to fake her way into Quincy powers, but an important rule of fullbringing is the investment of memories. The more memories that can be imprinted onto an object before it is awakened through the fullbring transformation, the stronger that fullbring’s power becomes. Nuala has held onto the bangle for ten years, giving the bangle time to collect those memories.

    Nonessentia: Far from something that Nuala can pick up and take with her, this is the place that she retreats to between adventures and excursions. Simple, small and out of the way, Nonessentia is part tea shop, part museum, part library and all hole-in-the-wall. As an organization, Nonessentia operates for the protection of fullbringers. It also contains Nuala’s humble basement apartment and more varieties of tea than you knew existed.

    Nonessentia's fullbringer protection agency operates on the idea that fullbringers are unnecessary (hence the name), because they're the result of a side effect of hollows, who are themselves a side effect of the natural cycle of souls. Furthermore, due to the bestial nature of hollows, fullbringers existing at all means that children and their families are suffering needlessly. If the organization did have an overarching goal, it would be to find a way to stop fullbringers from happening at all.

    There are multiple things a member of Nonessentia could do. A lack of education can be just as dangerous as monsters, so collecting spiritual artifacts and volumes for the museum and library is a good way to be involved. Alternatively, a member can be assigned to scouting out new fullbringers and introducing them (and their families) to Nonessentia. Or, they can watch over women with child in areas prone to hollow activity, as a part of fullbringer-prevention duty.

    A member of Nonessentia doesn't even have to do any of these things. They could man the tea shop if they really wanted (encouraged to use fullbring to produce the best dang tea). Or they just eat scones and visit the library and the museum on occasion, and maybe even attend a couple of classes. Nonessentials are also free to have their own goals, and each member can be closer or further to the core operations of the group. Depending on the situation, Nonessentia may even help them achieve their own goals.

    Despite the extensive charter, though, fullbringers and other spiritually aware people are rare. Nonessentia doesn't have many members, so it's always looking for more. Case in point, Nuala has had no reason to acquire a larger space for its people, because they can all fit in the tea shop's sitting area without any special accommodations.
    Spoiler: Abilities
    Spiritual Studies Expert: A consummate collector, Nuala’s quest for acquisition is fueled first by knowledge. Starting with the Quincy from an age as early as nine, and expanding outward from there, she has traveled the world to learn about and become an expert on all things relating to the spiritual world.

    She has a detailed and practiced understanding of her own Fullbring powers and the nature of Fullbring; on Quincies, their abilities and their various implements; on Shinigami, their signature Zanpakuto and their Kido; on Hollows across all their development from demi-Hollows to Vasto Lordes and their Arrancar variants and; on the wide variations of other spiritually-aware humans and creatures, such as Mediums, Pluses and Jigokucho.

    Spoiler: Fighting
    Mixed Martial Arts Practitioner – Karate, Kickboxing, Sikaran, and Tae Kwan Do: A basic fact of the human body: legs are longer and stronger than arms. As Nuala treks across the globe, she frequently makes sure to stop and spend time with martial arts schools, developing her skill with a diversity of combat styles that teach quick kicks, powerful kicks, adaptable kicks and any mix of the three. Combining these styles into a single, kick-heavy style, Nuala further underscores the terror of her kicks with a judicious application of her fullbring and the studded, spiked, and thoroughly customized armored boots she wears.

    Fencing Novice: Nuala has taken instruction in and practiced swordplay with the saber and other fencing swords. However, she finds great difficulty in not wielding them like bats and tennis rackets, or all but forgetting she is holding one and instead of kicking someone. If there’s one thing she excels at as a swordswoman, it’s taking amateurism and second-hand embarrassment to a whole new level.
    Spoiler: Basics
    High Speed Movement: One of the most basic applications of fullbring, Nuala pulls on the souls of her surroundings, letting her move and react at extreme speeds, allowing her to keep up with the high-speed abilities of similar creatures.

    Enhanced Strength: A Fullbringer’s abilities are founded in their physical strength and stamina. As Nuala has been using her fullbring since before her own conscious memory, she is commensurately much stronger than she looks. Likewise, her endurance is top-notch, exceeding the apparent limits of humanity.

    Enhanced Durability: Like many spiritually aware beings experienced in combat, Nuala is difficult to injure. She weathers blows and blasts much more brutal than her human appearance would indicate.

    Great Spiritual Energy: As a competent and experienced Fullbringer, Nuala boasts naturally high spiritual power. With intensive training and three cascading emerald bichirs coupled to her spiritual body, however, she has expanded and amplified her reiryoku. Now, even without awakening her emerald bichirs, Nuala commands spiritual energy equal to an average Captain-class shinigami, and sees a like enhancement in her speed, strength and durability.
    Spoiler: Universal Fullbring
    Fullbring Specialist: At its most basic level, the ability to manipulate the souls within all things. Not without limits, the technique is yet extremely versatile, and even more so in the hands of such a well-studied and experienced user as Nuala. A fullbringer “pulls” on the soul within an object, drawing out its inherent or conceptual qualities, its imprinted memories, its desires and its potential, which manifest into the outward body of the object and its abilities or functions.

    A flicker or splash of green light accompanies not just Nuala’s movements, but dances like water along all of her body as she fights, executing fullbring to enhance every step in utterly destroying an opponent. Her fullbring isn’t limited to herself, of course. Anything she has at hand can be transformed into a weapon, a defense or a wild card for her advantage, from an ally to an enemy, and from the clouds above to the ground at her feet.

    Cero Completa (Spanish for "Complete Zero"): A complex application of fullbring to a Hollow’s Cero and high-speed movement. Nuala quickly juggles a Cero between her hands, preventing it from exploding or collapsing, while she also moves the Cero about and angles it back in a more favorable direction, often at the Hollow that delivered the Cero in the first place. At the same time, she uses fullbring to draw forth the Cero’s maximum destructive potential. Despite that this technique often leaves Nuala with singed hands, she greatly prefers the opportunity to use it over Gan Teorainn, below.

    Vollzählig Pfeil (German for "Complete Arrow"): A similar application of fullbring as cero completa, but one that Nuala is far more familiar with. This is one of the first tandem techniques that she and Priska developed together. With this skill, Nuala can hold or redirect a heilig pfeil, delivering it in a direction of her own choice, which can include back at its origin. Simultaneously, she uses fullbring to express its full potential, amplifying the damage it deals. Unlike cero completa, Nuala is practiced enough with this technique to hold an arrow for an extended period of time, wielding or throwing it like a javelin.
    Spoiler: Eagna Uisca
    The various techniques of the Quincy have very little that differentiates them from the equivalent Kido arts of the Shinigami. With research, adaptation and training, Nuala has been able to adapt the ginto and liquid reiryoku, via fullbring transformation, to a medium that she can make use of. She calls these spells "Eagna Uisca." As much stolen from the Quincy as Nuala developed it for herself, these skills are as Hollow as they are Human, and as a result, they are somewhere halfway between techniques (Sonido) and spells (Ginto).

    Eagna Uisca makes use of a specially-prepared liquid reiryoku, called "drúcht anam," stored in soul-synthesized silver orbs, called "clocha," to provide the energy to create fast and powerful effects. The drúcht anam is released from one or more clocha as a mist, usually invisible until manipulated, and then transformed via precision-intensive universal fullbring to create spells. As more Eagna Uisca spells are cast, they "burn through" drúcht anam, and particularly powerful spells will deplete the liquid more quickly.

    As the creator and foremost pioneer of Eagna Uisca, Nuala is an Expert in its techniques and spells.

    Spoiler: Beginner Rank
    At Beginner rank, a caster learns to push, energize and compress the drúcht anam, creating fast, short-lived effects. A fullbringer with this skill can also craft their own drúcht anam, though the process takes a significant amount of time.

    Beginner Spells
    Nathair (Irish for "Snake"): Drúcht anam is compressed into sheets of pressure, giving the fullbringer elevated mobility and control within its confines, such as for dodging and sidestepping, for brief instances of time. This can also be used to shift from a defensive position into an offensive position, or vice versa. The effect is poor outside of short, personal movements, so even if it were used in conjunction with a high speed movement technique, the effect would be negligible. Nathair spends drúcht anam very slowly, so it can be maintained for quite some time.

    Cuihmne na Tine (Irish for "Memories of Fire"): By squeezing the drúcht anam around weapons and objects within an area when they're moved, a fullbringer causes them to generate short-lived spikes of heat. This can be startling or confusing to wielders, making their skills at arms a bit less reliable.

    Drithleach (Irish for "Glitter"): A cunning trick employed by the members of Nonessentia, this spell charges a measure of drúcht anam with an overabundance of energy, causing it to explode in a brilliant shower of sparks and smoke. Anyone looking directly at the flash is disoriented for a short time, and anything within the smoke is covered in a brightly glowing "powder" for several minutes. With more drúcht anam, larger effects can be created.

    Unlike most Eagna Uisca spells, the fullbringer requires no direct contact between themselves and the drúcht anam for Drithleach to function, so it is a favorite application of a cast throwing point or beil-axe.
    Spoiler: Novice Rank
    At Novice rank, the Eagna Uisca user learns how to compress drúcht anam into physical objects, alter its properties and attach it to physical and metaphysical objects, giving them much more flexibility with their spells than before.

    Novice Spells
    Braistint (Irish for "Cognition"): By dispersing drúcht anam over and attuning it to their senses, the fullbringer expands their intuitive awareness and reflexes, allowing them to predict and respond to attack trajectories with crystal clarity and lightning speed. This spell provides foresight on the entire course of an attack entering its area, making course adjustments and chaotic behavior of no use in the face of its precision. More advanced fullbringers can cast a wider net with this spell, giving them more effective time to respond to attacks.

    Dheirceach Taoide (Irish for "Waxing Flood-Tide"): Filling a space with drúcht anam under far too much pressure, the caster creates air that fights its occupants tooth and nail, pushing back against their movements and exhausting them more quickly than they otherwise would. At the same time, fullbringers can take advantage of this space, using the high-pressure drúcht anam to more easily use Nathair.

    Hiodra Dol (Irish for "Hydra Snare"): Drúcht anam is quickly compressed into a thin but sturdy steel chain with a snake-like head, which bolts outward and attempts to wrap itself around a target. Then, the other end anchors itself into the ground, a nearby wall, or other solid point. If the chain is attacked, it splits itself into two chains, which try to ensnare the victim from opposite sides. More skilled casters can create hydra snares that will split more than one time.

    Na Slabrhaí Bardach (Irish for "The Warden Chains"): Drúcht anam becomes orange-hot chains that form a dome around the fullbringer, sealing them away from reach. Contact with the chains causes them to wrap around the offender, offering a searing penalty for the enemy foolish enough to test their protection. By burning additional drúcht anam, a fullbringer can create additional chains, making the barrier more powerful and more dangerous, even after it has already grabbed a victim.
    Spoiler: Journeyman Rank
    At Journeyman rank, the caster learns to keep drúcht anam in its protomatter-like state, while also giving it properties such as weight and potential energy, or causing it to react like a chemical.

    Journeyman Spells
    Fhathaigh Greim (Irish for "Giant Bite"): This very powerful spell uses an odd number of at least three clocha to form an anchor of centripetal force. The clocha spin swiftly around the center of the anchor, converting inertial energy into a trap that keeps it contents inside, but allows new victims to enter the area freely. The more clocha that are used in Fhathaigh Greim, the more powerful the effect becomes. However, regardless of how many clocha are used, the spell always burns through their drúcht anam within a minute.

    Gan Teorainn (Irish for "Unlimited"): A spell that turns the fullbring ability in on itself, using the drúcht anam to enhance itself and the fullbringer's own abilities at the same time. Gan Teorainn creates a recursive loop of growth, accumulating liquid reiryoku into a mass of raw power too great to contain. When released, it forms a bright green blast very similar to a Hollow’s Cero.

    Though powerful, Gan Teorainn is also dangerous. It takes time and considerable effort to form the spell. Since it is born from using using fullbring on itself – which both feeds into the next loop of power growth and maintains the fullbringer’s ability to form the effect – one must take care to consciously sever the loop before it becomes too powerful. Failure to do so can exhaust and harm the user, since after the loop is complete, the fullbringer will no longer have the enhanced stamina that was necessary to create it. In addition, creating a Gan Teorainn burns up all of the drúcht anam nearby.

    Scáil na Gealaí (Irish for "Shadow on the Moon"): Cracking the drúcht anam like a whip, a fullbringer uses this spell to produce a rippling green shockwave. The wave repels anything from its center a great distance away, and though it was developed for defense, Nuala quickly realized it had other potentials, as well. It has poor drúcht anam efficiency, burning through an entire cloch's mist in just one or two uses.

    Spreagadh (Irish for "Impulse"): A spell that takes effect over three rapid steps, Spreagadh's effect is often unexpected, even by those that witness the entire process. A fullbringer first shapes drúcht anam into a bullet, gives it the properties of infusion and momentum, and then fires it at an attack or projectile. When the bullet impacts with a moving target, it redirects its target's path of motion up to 90 degrees in any direction, as if it had quickly turned a corner.
    Spoiler: Expert Rank
    An Expert in Eagna Uisca can create chain reactions with drúcht anam, allowing them to create chains of spells or effects with timed delays, and wield a different spell from each of two or three different drúcht anam sources at the same time.

    Expert Spells
    Beir ar na Gealaí (Irish for "Catch the Moon"): By arresting control of and freezing the drúcht anam within an area, a fullbringer can likewise immobilize a target. It can be used equally on creatures, inanimate objects and even spiritual effects such as ceros and kido, but lasts for seconds under even the best conditions. When a person is frozen by Breith ar an Ngealach, however, their perception of time is frozen along with them, and so it is easy for an unprepared victim to be disoriented in its wake.

    Geata (Irish for "Gate"): This spell requires two repositories of drúcht anam, such as Nonessentia's throwing points or beil-axes, and significant preparation. The first drúcht anam reservoir acts as a "guide," and must be placed in a remote location before the spell is cast. The second reservoir acts as an "anchor," and is expended when the spell is triggered. The fullbringer fires the anchor like a bullet at a target, and if it hits, that target is instantly transported to the the guide reservoir. Advanced users of this spell can set up a secondary spell to trigger when the target arrives, often trapping them where they appear.

    Sleagh na Móinéir (Irish for "Spear of the Meadows"): A more powerful and precise variant of Gan Teorainn. By compressing the effect of the blast, the fullbringer fires a brilliantly lime green ray, which travels further, hits harder, and is more likely to penetrate a victim than the standard Gan Teorainn. In addition to the fundamental dangers of the spell, this variation must be balanced between both hands as it is formed, and even a single mistake could cause it to explode preterm.
    Spoiler: Master Rank
    At Master rank, a fullbringer can combine the qualities of different Eagna Uisca spells of lower level with each other, weaving together highly dynamic effects with ease, and can even create drúcht anam in a matter of moments.

    Master Spells
    Caor Thintrí (Irish for "Ball of Lightning"): Among the most difficult of spells to cast, this spell uses principles both familiar and yet entirely foreign to Eagna Uisca users to create the ultimate power in their offensive repertoire. Caor Thintrí uses qualities similar to multiple lower levels spells, but "crafts light from water" to derive its effect, a process that is completely alien to spells up to this point.

    Regardless, this spell creates a small, brilliantly shining ball of transformed drúcht anam, which consumes reiatsu and reishi alike from its vicinity, and fires it at high velocity, usually along an arc toward it target. This process takes place at all points during its flight, and even accelerates as it strikes a target, and concentrates all the energy it has consumed into sheer destructive force. Thus, the more spiritual energy its target has, and the more energy it must pass by to reach its target, the more powerful this attack becomes.

    Leivatan Corna (Irish for "Leviathan Coil"): Available to only the most advanced practitioners, Leivatan Corna is a potent barrier, which can be either a defense or a trap. The spell wraps the fullbringer's target in a sphere of drúcht anam, concentrated into a bristling serpentine creature, which is highly resistant to both breach and intrusion.

    Slabhraí na Marbh (Irish for "Chains of the Dead"): A highly dangerous technique. Drúcht anam is transformed, wholesale, into a multitude of large, metallic chains, which encompass the fullbringer and the area around them. These chains restrict the movements of the cage's prisoners, forbidding them from leaving the area until at least one of them is dead or unconscious. A release of sheer power can break through the chains, but it would take an enormous volume of spiritual energy.
    Spoiler: Personal Fullbring
    Craein Seithe:
    Slung by its single strap over her right shoulder, and resting near the small of her back and her left hip, Nuala wears a strange bag stitched and re-purposed out of a Quincy’s traditional uniform. The original patterns of the design were in only minimally preserved; preferring instead the optimizing of its storage capacity, secure compartments, and the accessibility of its contents. Seemingly equal parts messenger bag and tactical backpack, Nuala carries more in this bag than its meager size would imply. The essentials of fresh clothing and personal effects aside, though, Craein Seithe’s extradimensional qualities would appear to be simultaneously the greatest and the least of its atypical features.

    Craein Seithe’s manifested abilities lie in its nature as a container. When Nuala transforms the bag, it trades the space with her normal accessories inside it for a second space, with the spiritual artifacts she has collected inside it. When she draws out one of these items, the majority of the bag’s manifested potential goes with it, transforming that item in turn. A veritable bag of magic weapons, but the trade-off is that she can use only one item from the bag at a time. So far, Nuala has collected these different artifacts of the spiritual world:

    Pierna Izquierda de los Saltamontes: Literally the left leg of an adjuchas-class Hollow named Saltamontes, this preserved limb has become Nuala's go-to weapon for probing out enemies and pairing her powerful kicks with a more efficient and longer-reaching hand-based attack. When transformed by Craein Seithe, Saltamontes' leg becomes a pair of Gil Hibben IV machetes. Each weapon is almost completely bone white, except for a blood red line that marks the blade, and dizzying red swirls along the sides of the blade.

    The machetes can be maneuvered exceptionally quickly, venting bala-like bursts of exhaust from different regions of their red portions to assist in wielding them. With these jets of reiatsu, the machetes can hit exceptionally hard and in rapid succession. If broken, a machete will reform itself, as though it were a Hollow's limb reforming by high speed regeneration. Even when broken off from the handles, however, a blade can still be controlled by the machete's wielder, as they can still vent energy through their red portions.

    Ginto: A bundle of seven soul-synthesized silver tubes, each about 5 centimeters in length, bound together in a honeycomb shape by similar silver wire. The Quincy use these to store their own reiryoku in a liquid state, and then transform it into complicated, magic-like effects.

    Out of the different items she has collected, Nuala is the most likely to draw this one from Craein Seithe when pressed into combat. When the ginto are pulled from the bag, they are transformed into an array of seven fist-sized, engraved clocha which float in positions around and close to Nuala. Each sphere is covered by a design that appears to separate it into three winding sections, and is filled with an unusually thick concentrate of drúcht anam. Each cloch can provide the energy for a distinct spell, allowing Nuala to use many different spells in sequence or simultaneously. Alternatively, multiple clocha can be used on a single spell, increasing its effective power.

    Priska’s Seele Schneider: As a user of the Quincy bangle, Priska also wielded her Seele Schneider extensively, but fired it rarely. Instead, she let it build up a great charge of reishi, and then saved it for emergency occasions. As a result, she became almost as proficient with the sword-like arrow as she was with her own bow, even going as far as to learn tricks of the wrist for shaving additional reishi off her Hollow victims. Foremost, Priska used her Seele Schneider as a weapon, despite the rarity with which she actually employed it.

    When transformed by Nuala’s personal fullbring, Priska’s Seele Schneider develops into a glorious, flare-tipped saber with a heavy, hand-and-a-half swept hilt, which sings clearly with every flick and slash. Cycling around its edge at the phenomenal rate of three million revolutions per second is a thin chain of glowing blue reishi teeth. As the weapon strikes spiritual things, it tears reishi off them and adds it to the teeth around its blade, enhancing its chainsaw-like quality and its sharpness.

    Ancient Seele Schneider: A far older and more experienced device, Nuala does not know who first owned or used this weapon, but has found its imprinted memories and transformation to be much to her liking. When transformed by Craein Seithe, this Seele Schneider takes on the form of a large, reishi-bladed dart on a soul-synthesized silver chain of variable length. The dart’s chain is in turn attached to a gauntlet that covers her left hand and wrist. Reishi stolen by the dart’s blade is transferred along the length of the chain, enhancing its protective qualities, and causes additional armor to form further up her arm, which eventually begins to spread to the rest of her body.

    Jigokucho: A hell butterfly, displayed and preserved in a resin disk. Obtained from a novelty shop, where the proprietor claimed it was unique, and the craftsmanship was beautiful. To the proprietor, and most people who viewed the disk, it appeared to be a resin cast of a butterfly, containing no such creature, but the perfect detail of one. If he’d only known what he really had, Nuala would have paid a hundred times more than she did.

    The memories of the preserved jigokucho Nuala purchased are steeped in travel and curiosity. When drawn, it takes on the form of a resplendent but ghostly hell butterfly. As her device, Nuala can employ the butterfly to create tears through space in which to travel across short distances, and travel to and from the Precipice World. She can also use it to listen in on other lines of communication, such as certain kidō techniques, telephone lines, or the existing network of actual hell butterflies. While using the butterfly to travel through the Dangai, Nuala is protected from its Koryu and Kototsu.
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