And now it's time for Illven to make some organizations!

The organization of Teloniuses

Symbol A nose smelling smelly scents.

Motto "Our quarry will never escape!"

Background. The organization of Teloniuses started many years ago, a Ranger tired of his or hers kingdoms poor information on their many enemies leading to constant escapes decided to form a group that would stop at nothing to hunt down criminals. Overtime this lawful drive, turned. SoonThe Teloniusesians were tracking down anyone who had the ability to pay the high costs for their services.

Enemies, Allies The Teloniuses enemies are effectively whatever has an easy escape option. Powerful outsiders with their ability to teleport at will are among the organizations most detested enemies. They have allies however in most churches which craft powerful scrolls to bar extra-dimensonal travel.

Type Business

Scale City (6)

Affiliation score criteria.

Criterion Affiliation score modifier
Character level +1/2 per level.
Has 5 or more ranks in Survival +1
Has 10 or more ranks in Survival +2
Has the track feat. +1
Can cast Dimensional anchor +1
Can cast Dimensional lock +2
Recruits a new member into the affiliation +1

Affliction score

Score Title Benefits
10 or lower Apprentice None
11-20 Hunter A personal valet (Of CR 1 or lower)
21-29 Hunter of blood Personal honor guard of 46 appropriate creatures (EL 8)
30 or higher Hunter beyond death! Personal honor guard of 412 appropriate creatures (EL 12)