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The Gaolers
When evil must be sealed today, have the Gaolers sent your way!

History: Some say the original Gaolers were the celestial beings that first bound Asmodeus to the pits of hell. Others say that it was they who designed the golden cage at the center of Golarion that holds the Rough Beast at bay. Still others claim they were the dwarves that Odin contracted to bind Fenrir with his noose until ragnarok. All of these things may or may not be true, but what is known is that the Gaolers are one of the most ancient Paladin orders, dedicated to creating, maintaining and watching over the seals that bind evil to keep it in check.

Structure: The Gaolers are a large order, but one with a very flat structure. After being recruited to the Gaolers, a paladin trains for three years with each of the three divisions of the order. Once that training is complete, the Paladin is inducted as a full member of the Gaolers and stands as an equal with every other member, though they still often defer to those with more experience. Within the Gaolers, there are three major divisions:

  1. The Chains- The Chains are the oldest of the three divisions. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the seals that imprison the great evils of the world. Their ancient seals hold for thousands of years, and the rituals that power and form these seals are the greatest secret that The Chains hold.
  2. The Fetters- The Fetters are bounty hunters. They seek out and bring criminals to justice, ensure that the trials are fair and that the punishment is just. The Fetters are often met with suspicion because they serve not just the victims but also the criminals that they hunt. It is their sacred duty to see that justice is served and no one is beneath their protection.
  3. The Manacles- The Manacles are prison wardens and guards. They work with those who committed crimes to see their sentences are completed, that they are given meaningful opportunities to find redemption and that they are treated fairly while they serve their time.

Regardless of their division, all Gaolers work in groups of three, typically one trainee and two full members of the order. Most Gaolers choose one of the three divisions with which to serve for the remainder of their careers, however a large minority move from division to division as they see fit in their journeys.

Joining: A person wishing to join the Gaolers must be a paladin, or a former criminal who sought redemption through the aid of The Manacles and wished to join the order after serving their time to completion (at which point they are expected to begin training to become a paladin themselves). In addition, the applicant must be of Good alignment (almost always Lawful Good).

One may choose to join the Gaolers or be actively recruited by one of their member, there is no formal process beyond being taken on as a trainee by one of the full members.

Duties: The primary mission of the Gaolers is to imprison evil and work towards its redemption. It is an unspoken philosophy of the Gaolers that the slaying of evil men only increases the net evil of the world, and that all mortals (and indeed many immortals) are deserving of the opportunity to repay their debt to society and gain absolution for their crimes. If absolution is not feasible, it is sometimes better that the evil be imprisoned, rather than destroyed, so that it cannot taint the outer planes or otherwise bolster the forces of evil.

Perception: Most common folk wouldn't recognize a Gaoler as anything other than a Paladin. Those with a bit more knowledge view the order favorably, although there have been criticisms leveled at both the Fetters and the Manacles for their insistence on redeeming criminals over providing retribution for their crimes. Some of the more hard-line paladin orders consider the Gaolers weak for choosing to imprison rather than destroy evil.

Spoiler: Bonus Feats!

Gaoler's Smite
Prerequisites: Smite Evil, Member of the Gaolers, Paladin 9
Benefits: When you use your Smite Evil ability, you can instead choose to use a Gaoler's Smite. Your attack deals no additional damage, but instead affects the target with an Imprisonment spell with a Save DC equal to (10 + 1/2 Paladin Level + Charisma Modifier). If the target of your Gaoler's Smite is an Evil Dragon, Evil Outsider or Evil Undead, its spell resistance does not apply to the Imprisonment.
Special: If you are playing Pathfinder, Gaoler's Smite only applies to the first attack you make after applying your smite evil to the target, subsequent attacks deal additional damage as normal for Smite Evil. You can spend an additional use of Smite Evil as a swift action to gain another attempt to use Gaoler's Smite.

Retrieve the Imprisoned
Prerequisites: Gaoler's Smite
Benefits: You can perform a ritual that allows you to retrieve a creature imprisoned by your Gaoler's Smite. This ritual takes 10 minutes to perform, and can only be performed in a prison, courthouse or other bastion of Law and Justice. The target is removed from their Imprisonment and returned to the surface world inside an inwardly focused Magic Circle Against Evil with a caster level equal to your Paladin level. Once the creature has been returned, you can choose to send it back to its imprisonment or release the creature at your discretion.