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Roots of the World Tree
We strive to understand the building blocks of our world and take its power as our own.

The Roots are an esoteric group that believes in understanding the structure of their universe. For that purpose, they study the laws of the universe in an attempt to bend them to their will. They began with a Great Wyrm who believed that understanding a thing began with understanding its name. During its time researching the true name of the universe itself, it accidentally wove its own name into that of the material plane, scattering its essence across the world. Those that were touched by its essence developed a curiosity that reflected the dragon's own, coming together to study and grow powerful.

The Roots of the World Tree has a very loose structure. It includes in its ranks wizards, clerics, truenamers, and anyone else who wishes to gain knowledge through the study of words, names, and the rules of the universe. Members start as Applicants upon joining. After a year of service, they become Researchers and, after five years, Librarians. There is a Council of Elders that make any decisions for the Roots as a whole that usually comprises at least a wizard, a truenamer, and a cleric of Boccob.

In order to join the Roots of the World Tree, an applicant must make the journey to their monastic library and donate some book or other text that contains lore the library finds useful. A Researcher will determine whether the information is useful or not. The applicant will then have their name recorded and be allowed to peruse the library whenever they please for as long as their name remains in the register.

The library register is magical in nature, so the applicant's name will begin to fade after a few months and completely disappear in a year. In order to renew the magic, they must bring new texts or information to the library before their name completely fades, else they will not be allowed back into the library proper. The magic will not allow their name to be written twice, so they must officially change their name and have it written down before they can use the library again.

The Roots of the World Tree runs lesser libraries and universities throughout the world. Each one is run by a Librarian of some experience and knowledge, so they are sought after by the rich and powerful. Although they don't usually apply direct influence to any given situation, their opinion is highly valued and are often sought for advice.

Use of a lesser library provides a +4 Circumstance bonus on all Knowledge and Gather Information checks when at least 2 hours of research are done there. The Grand Library itself provides a +10 Circumstance bonus on all Knowledge checks and a +10 Circumstance bonus on checks made to find a creatures true name if you spend at least 4 hours of time researching.