Well obviously with a smaller, less robust ruleset there will be RAW things, but The Rules specifically state "Warhammer: Age of Sigmar uses six-sided dice (sometimes abbreviated to D6).", so I would argue that even RAW supports that not being the case.

Anyone fooled around with points yet? It looks like at the very least the big scary things are appropriately costed (unlike a certain 40k model we all know and hate), though time will tell which units are standouts in the point-to-power system.

So Seraphon drew me in with big dinosaurs but now I'm also sorta interested in the Stormcast Eternals, specifically trying to make a force that uses a lot of ranged options with the Knight-Venator, Javelin Prosecutors, and/or Judicators, obviously supported with some sort of strong frontline (maybe some Dracoth riders or buffed Liberators). I really want to run a small, elite army, and I think it could work really well in AoS (not so much now in 40k with the state of the game).